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The Saturday Quote: “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Marcus Tullius Cicero I went into the big city of Exeter yesterday to pay my accountant. Afterwards I hit the bookshops =) One of my favourite pastimes after practicing ZEN+ On this visit I bought: Freedom from Emotional Eating by Paul […]

No, that’s not a reference to the 1982 classic film: ‘Poltergeist’ I mean the 100 copies of Smiling From The Heart and Shaolin Chi Kung. 6 big brown boxes of Qigong goodness. Enough to skyrocket the happiness, health and longevity of the UK! Okay, guess I better calm down and take some deep breaths. I […]

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt That’s a mighty meaty quote right there Grasshopper. And I […]

“What we learn to do, We learn by doing.” Aristotle. Smart geezer that Aristotle bloke. And I completely agree with him, the best way for you to learn anything is by actually doing it. Sure you’re gonna make mistakes along the way. But you learn from them too and add them to your experience. When […]

I thought my mate was joking. He told me a dude has sold one of his testicles for £22,000 ($35,000) so he can buy a Nissan 370Z (or Fair Lady as I think some countries call it). So I checked it out and yup, it’s true. I tell you Grasshopper you can’t make this stuff […]

I don’t understand the science behind it. I just know that: Cold outside + broken boiler inside + old crappy double glazing = Massively wet windows in the morning To get an idea of how wet consider this question: How much water do you think I collected yesterday morning wiping down all the windows in […]

Did I ever tell you about my first big Energy Flow experience? Or rather, what I thought was my first big Energy Flow experience? It went like this… I was walking to catch the bus to go to my Thursday night Tai Chi class in Nottingham. I’d only been practicing ‘Real’ Qigong for a few […]

Glad that’s done. Clarabella and I were up to our armpits in Jiffy bags till late last night. I’ve been getting all the packages ready for when the new books arrive. Because I want to be able to get them out to you ASAP. My aim is to sign them, pack them, take them to […]

Whilst doing my research yesterday on the perils of sitting down too much… ..I stumbled across an old text file on my hard-drive. Shaking off the cyber dust I peered at its contents. “Oh yeah” I thought to myself, “I remember this, it was good.” I immediately put it back again, thinking I couldn’t use […]

Yesterday whilst writing the ‘PERFECT Qigong Bulletin‘ (PQB) I stumbled across a fascinating piece of research. Back in 53 a study was published in the Lancet (I love that publication). They found that bus conductors had half the chance of having a heart attack than bus drivers. That’s a huge difference. Can you guess why? […]

Clarabella’s opening up the library this morning. Which means she’s heading off early. Which means I’m wrestling Ollie into his school uniform and escorting him to school. Which means I’ve only got about 10 minutes to get this Qigong Daily out to you… And it always takes me a lot longer than that. Just as […]

Last night I was laying in bed reading: ‘The art of thinking clearly‘ by Rolf Dobelli It’s really good. Using stories and scientific studies Rolf makes the theory easier to understand. Plus each chapter is only a few pages long. Ideal bedtime reading. So there I was reading Chapter 21: Less Is More – The […]

I went down into Dawlish yesterday to help Clarabella choose her first pair of glasses. Thank you. Every morning I get to start my day by sitting down and writing to you. Thank you. Every day I get to stretch Ollie’s leg out and put his splint on properly. I also get to give him […]

Darryl from the Walking Dead has got to be my favourite character. He can hunt He can fight He can track He can hot-wire a car And he’s got a heart of gold. What’s not to like? I tell you in an end of the world scenario Darryl’s just the kind of guy I’d like […]

You’re reading this on Friday, but I wrote it on Wednesday. Ain’t time travel grand? So keep in mind it’s Wednesday as your read the rest of this Qigong Daily… At midnight I’ll be climbing into my car and starting the 5 hour drive to Stansted Airport. My flight to Sweden leaves at 7am and […]