A big mistake that beginners make with chi kung/qigong is not following instructions. A classic example I see all the time when teaching is this one:

Me: Don’t do anything, just watch me as I perform Shooting Arrows Left Right

Two or Three people in the class ignore what I’ve just said and start to copy me.

Classic =)

Another personal favourite of mine is when I ask students to breathe in through their noses, and out through their mouths. I often threaten to go outside to get some small sticks to keep their mouths open. I’m always amazed how difficult and instruction this is for some to follow.

I’m reminded here of the Three Requirements for Success. Let me just get a copy of the text from my book (Shaolin Chi Kung – 18 Exercises To Help You Live A Longer, Healthier and Happier Life).

Here we go taken from p.140

Shaolin Chi Kung BookNo matter what you wish to learn and master, whether it is tennis, running, swimming, driving or Shaolin Chi Kung, there are 3 essential requirements for your success. They are:

  1. The Master – You must learn from someone who is a master of what you wish to excel at, or at least a competent instructor. Genuine masters of any type are understandably rare and/or hard to come into contact with. If your Vision, Aims and Objectives are all in alignment though, you will do what it takes to learn from the best master you can.
  2. The Method – The method you learn must have a history of consistently achieving results that match your Vision, Aims and Objectives. If it doesn’t then it is unlikely that you will meet your needs. It is worth researching what methods are available before committing to one. This process will be made easier if your Vision, Aims and Objectives are very clear.
  3. The Student – This is the most important requirement of all – YOU! You may have the best master in the world teaching the best method. But if you don’t put in the work, follow the instructions and persevere then you will be wasting your time and the master’s time. If the master tells you to walk over a bridge and drop a pebble into the stream every day. Do it! Sigung Ho Fatt Nam was told to practise horse stance every day by his master and for 6 months was shown nothing more. Even though Sigung Ho was a martial arts master in his own rights, he followed his master’s instructions. This is being a good student. Good students are perhaps even rarer than masters!

So, if you want to succeed with your chi kung practice, do your best to be a good student.

Bye for now

Just a qigong instructor

Marcus James Santer