Chi Kung/Qigong mistake #7 commonly made by beginners in chi kung is learning only from books and videos.

For a chi kung/qigong instructor who is an author of a book on Shaolin Chi Kung, and creator of an online, video based home study course – this might sound like a strange subject for me to shout about.

How can I say that learning chi kung from a book or video is a mistake, when I actively promote both of these? Glad you asked because it gives me another opportunity to go on record as saying that if you can learn chi kung from a suitably qualified instructor like me, then you should.

But, over a decade of experience in the chi kung world has convinced me that there are many people who for whatever reason are not able to learn direct from a chi kung instructor, but who can still benefit from chi kung.

A good book on chi kung or a good dvd/home study course will hopefully prove to be the catalyst that will inspire you to travel and make small sacrifices necessary to learn chi kung directly. I traveled 7000+ miles a year to learn from my teacher and spent a considerable chunk of money in the process. But hear me now, when I say that you don’t need to do that. That’s just a decision I made because chi kung is that important to me.

Chi Kung Books

Learning chi kung from a book is super hard, I’ve mentioned that in a previous post, learning chi kung from a video is much easier, but the big problem is when you believe that the form is chi kung. It isn’t it is just chi kung form, which isn’t very good at:


  1. Improving Health and Increasing Vitality
  2. Increasing Longevity
  3. Increasing Internal Force
  4. Promoting Mind Expansion
  5. Enhancing Spiritual Cultivation

Which is why we choose to practice chi kung in the first place. If you are book/dvd learning realise that the results (if any) that you get will be much less (and you’ll have to work harder for them) than if you learn directly from a chi kung instructor.

Remember, chi kung is a composite of form, energy and mind. You need to have all 3 to be practicing and get the benefits of practicing chi kung. The energy and mind aspects are really difficult to get across correctly in book or dvd format.

But it’s more than just that. When you are in the presence of a chi kung instructor, especially a really good one then you also benefit from ‘direct transmission’. I’m not even going to attempt to explain what that is. Enough to say that being in the presence of a great instructor goes beyond form, energy and mind learning.

So, by all means, start learning chi kung from a book or a dvd/home study course (I can even recommend a few good ones!) but realise that if you’re still bitten by the chi kung bug after a few months, then you really owe it to yourself to make the effort to learn chi kung directly from a good chi kung instructor – you’ll be glad you did.

Now, this should be the last ‘7 mistakes beginners make in chi kung’ post, as this is post #7, but there are a few other ‘bonus’ mistakes I’d like to share, so I’ll put them all together for the final post in this ‘chi kung mistakes’ series.

Bye for now

Just a qigong instructor

Marcus James Santer