Good & Bad Places & Times For Your Chi Kung Practice

In this post I’d like to share with you my thoughts on good places to practice chi kung, bad places to practice chi kung and maybe share a few confessions about some of the ugly places I’ve practiced chi kung.

The Bad:

I’ll start with a confession – when I first began learning chi kung properly back in 2000, I was super keen. I was working at the time in a big office block. For various reasons, it was not possible to do my morning chi kung practice at home, so I found a quiet secluded spot at work to do it during my morning tea break. Nothing wrong with that you might say. But the problem was the secluded spot was the disabled toilets on the top floor.

I cringe about it now, but at the time I just thought I was dedicated. So, first tip on where to practice chi kung – not near or in a toilet. I soon stopped when I discovered that when we practice chi kung, we’re not just taking in air when we breathe, we’re also taking in energy. And what kind of energy do you think you’re going to find in a toilet cubicle? Yeah, that’s right.

So, as chi kung practice spots go, that also counts out rubbish tips, next to the wheelie bin (I used to practice my chi kung in a court yard with 4 of these monsters in – but not for long!) and generally anywhere where the air quality is questionable. Power stations and generators are also best avoided.

Graveyards, or near graveyards is also not a great spot for chi kung practice. The energy near these places is very ‘dead’ obviously or Yin if you prefer. Speaking of death, I want you to always keep in mind the mantra ‘Safety First’ when considering if a spot is suitable for practice. Balconies are definitely out. If you ever want to check if you can fly, my advice to you is to start your experiment from the ground, not from the 40th floor of your apartment block!

Make sure your chi kung practice place is free from valuable, fragile, breakable objects – busting your wifes favourite vase during chi flow is a guaranteed way to break Yin/Yang harmony. Trust me I know from personal experience. I remember one friend even managing to break their bed during chi kung practice, you’ve been warned.

Avoid the temptation to practice your chi kung in the back of a jumbo jet or in a violently moving train, boat etc. Such environments can cause your chi to go ‘astray’. And in case you were wondering, yes you are absolutely right, practicing chi kung during a thunder storm is a big no no as the chi during a storm is so powerfully charged it can be harmful to body cells. Not to mention if you’re out in a place where you are the tallest object within a large radius – like a golf course….

It’s also best to avoid doing qigong exercises at noon, when it’s very hot or in direct sunlight. Past chi kung masters said that during such times the cosmic energy was too forceful. Best to wait until later, find some shade, or practice indoors.

What’s my view on practicing chi kung bare foot? Glad you asked. I know that some students like to take in energy from the earth. Personally I believe earth energy is great for things that live in the earth like bugs and things. I prefer to take in my energy from the cosmos or the heavens and so always, always, always wear shoes during my chi kung session.

So, let’s now move onto…

The Good

Natural surroundings are brilliant places for practicing chi kung. A place where the air is fresh and flowing. Facing an open space like the sea is also favourable. Which reminds me to mention ‘safety first’ again. There’s a lovely story of a student who was practicing their chi kung down on the beach, facing the ocean. Beautiful chi kung location. During her practice an inquisitive dog paid her a visit (ever noticed how animals tend to want to be near you when you practice chi kung, or is that just me?) and being a good student she ignored it. A few minutes later she went into chi flow and fell down into the giant hole the dog had dug a few feet behind her =)

The best times of day to practice chi kung are sunrise which chi kung masters refer to as the time of creative energy. Another excellent time is midnight which in chi kung circles is known as the time of blossoming energy. Other good times are between 5am and 9am and between 5pm and 9pm.

But lets get one thing clear for those chi kung practitioners like myself who can get a bit obsessive about things. If you find you are unable to do your chi kung practice during any of these times – that’s okay! It’s no big deal, it’s better that you do your chi kung than think it’s not worth doing because it’s not midnight. Oh, and if one day you find the only time you can practice your chi kung is mid-day – that’s okay to. Just avoid doing it at that time regularly.

What about sex I hear some of you ask, well the answer to chi kung and sex is easily answered like this: whilst many schools of chi kung and books on chi kung advise against sexual relations for weeks or months if you want to gain the benefits of chi kung I can’t recommend you do that. Whilst I agree that there are certain benefits to be gained by abstention whilst practicing chi kung these benefits just aren’t worth damaging a healthy relationship with your partner. The best advice I can give you is to wait at least 30 minutes after your practice before having sex. Or better yet, do your chi kung practice as soon as you can after enjoying sex.

Right, that’s it for this post, any questions about good, bad places to practice chi kung, just leave your question in the box below.

Marcus James Santer