Remember yesterday’s question about Qigong and weight lifting?

Whether lifting weights harmed Qigong development.

Well, I just remembered something that’s far more damaging to your Qigong development than lifting weights could ever be.

Something almost guaranteed to cause blockages to harmonious energy flow in your body. And it’s blockages that cause you to get ill, lack energy or feel lower than a snakes belly.

It’s also the biggest cause of one of the main four types of blockage you can have.

And nearly everybody does it.

Including you and me.

Would you like to know what it is?

Well keep reading and I’ll reveal all.

A few weeks back now I was watching a UK quiz show with Clarabella and Ollie called: Eggheads.

The why and what are not important right now.

What is important is the young lady on the team competing against the Eggheads.

She’s an attractive young lady, dressed smartly, great make up and a fantastic hair do.


She’s sat in her seat like a sack of potatoes.

It looks like she’s been dumped in there and the weight of the world is on her shoulders crushing her.

I find myself saying to Clarabella: “Damn look at that girls posture!

There are two principles you need to catch here Grasshopper…

1) Your physiology affects how you feel – I’ve covered this many times before, but good information is always worth repeating. What you do with your body will affect how you think and feel.

Don’t believe me?

Try this.

Get an image of a depressed person in your mind, how do they sit, where are their eyes looking? If they were talking how would they talk?


They’d be slumped, looking at the floor talking in a monotone voice.

There’s a great Peanuts cartoon that demonstrates this principle super elegantly.

Change your physiology and you can change how you feel. Which leads nicely into principle number two…

2) Poor posture is the main cause of physical blockages – Blockages to the harmonious flow of energy through the energy streams – meridians – of your body can occur in four ways:

  1. Physical
  2. Emotional
  3. Mental
  4. Spiritual

Good old PEMS rides again!

And due to the inter-connective nature of your body if one mode is weakened it will have a knock on effect on the others, so don’t go thinking blockages occur in isolation because they don’t. This splitting into 4 types is just to make things easy to understand.

Key point is this: Poor posture doesn’t just happen over night.

It occurs over years spent sat at a desk or slumping on the sofa in front of the TV.

Poor posture makes it very easy for your energy to get locked up in your chest and nothing good will come from that.

What you do with your body and how you carry yourself has a major impact on how easily your energy or Qi can flow through your body.

So I invite you to make a conscious effort today to open your chest area and to improve your posture.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you want to really nail this, I suggest you use these three tools:

  1. Lift Arms Above Head – page 115
  2. Butterfly Dancing in Front of Flowers – page 58
  3. Emperor Walks Heart Opens – page 31

You’ll find full written details and links to helpful video instructions in my book Smiling From The Heart.

Bye for now