It was ‘Sports Day’ at Ollie’s school yesterday.

As you might imagine with the physical challenges he faces, the thought of running, jumping and all that jazz isn’t something that appeals to him.


Because he can’t compete with the other kids and that makes him feel ‘less than’.

And who want’s to do something that makes them feel like that?

Anyway, his way of dealing with it is to not engage and just kinda flop around moaning and being grumpy.

Sounds reasonable to me.

But something really cool happened to him yesterday.

He won the egg and spoon race.

No, that’s not quite right.

He owned the egg and spoon race, completely destroying the competition.

It was quite a sight I can tell you.

And something even more amazing happened.

Suddenly he was having a great time.

Suddenly Sports Day was fun.

All because he’d got a win.

And that my dear Grasshopper is why it’s vitally important that you get regular, clearly identifiable ‘wins’ with your Qigong, because these victories help you to stay fired up and motivated for the journey ahead.

Most Qigong products available to you don’t give you these wins.

You’re presented with a book, DVD, online Qigong course, whatever and you’re supplied with the ‘how to’ and the ‘monkey see monkey do’. But there’s no specific tools to help you notice and experience those victories that help you to really engage and be excited to practice Qigong.

And because Qigong ain’t no 30 day miracle cure, you’re doomed to failure if you’re not quickly and regularly seeing results and benefits from your practice.

Your practice of Qigong must be all about the benefits to you.

I mean, you invest your precious time, energy and money in anything because you want something back in return.

Something you value more highly than your time, energy and money.

With Qigong that’s usually better health, increased vitality and deep inner peace.

My solution to helping my clients experience regular victories that make them feel good and help them to keep up their practice revolves around 3 vital parts:

  1. I show them how to practice ‘real’ Qigong and not gentle exercise.
  2. I help them to have clear aims and objectives for their practice.
  3. I give them a simple tool that allows them to easily see the progress they’re making on an ongoing basis. Progress they’d otherwise miss.

If you’ve got these 3 parts in your Qigong practice you’ll quickly see how your practice is bringing value and worthwhile results into your life.

Then, like Ollie you won’t have to force yourself to take part. Oh no…

You’ll be excited to.

And trust me that makes a *H–U–G–E* difference.

In an ideal world you’d gain these 3 parts directly from me. Face-to-face, Heart-to-heart. If you’re in the USA and you’re serious and committed to your Qigong practice I invite you to join me on one or both of the Qigong Workshops I’ll be teaching in August (

Now, I know being able to spare the time and money needed to travel and learn Qigong directly from a great teacher ain’t easy.

I’ve been there.

Which is why I created my 22 lesson Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC).

It’s delivered in a unique format.

You get 1 lesson a week so as to avoid being overwhelmed with a ton of information.

During the 22 weeks of the QSHSC you’ll receive via the Internet:

  • 214 pages of written instructions
  • Over 8 hours of video tuition
  • 5 Powerful bonuses

And each weeks video tuition is available for download so you can take the lessons with you wherever you go.

Now learning Qigong online isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

I also know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea either.

Which is why I offer a 2 lesson trial for the crazy low price of $4.95.

That way you risk very little while you take a look around and see if you, me and the Internet are good fit.

If that sounds like a fair deal to you, grab your egg and spoon and run as fast as you can to:

I’ll see you at the finish line =)