Do you remember last week I asked you to share your biggest challenges when it came to getting the results you want from your Qigong practice?

Of course you do.

The biggest challenge faced by far was setting up and maintaing a daily practice.

And I gave you the solution to that in Mondays Qigong Daily email.

Now would you like to know what the second most common challenge was?

You would?

Then let me explain…

It comes in two flavours:

1) Finding the Time – When you consider it only takes 15 minutes to practice PERFECT Qigong (the style of Qigong I teach) you’ll surely realise just how lame an excuse this is.

Simply get up 15 minutes earlier or go to bed 15 minutes later.


And if you can’t manage that?

Then you’re just like the chicken in the tale “The Chicken and the Pig” (thanks to Michael A. for this great reference):

If you’re not familiar with the tale it goes something like this:

Chicken and Pig are walking down the road together.

Chicken turns to Pig and says: “We should open a restaurant.”

Pig says: “Maybe. What’d we call it?”

Chicken says: “Eggs and Ham”

Pig thinks this over for a while and says: “Nah, I think it’s a bad idea. You’d be involved, but I’d be committed!”

So, if you’re unable to find 15 minutes out of each 24 hours I would question how committed you are to Qigong.

Unless of course you practice a different style of Qigong that takes anything up to an hour to complete.

That’s different.

If your Qigong practice takes that long, I totally get how finding the time can be a challenge. But if you’re getting the results you want then it’s worth the investment.

However, if you’re investing all that time and not getting the results you want I’d recommend you start practicing PERFECT Qigong instead.

Yes, it will take you longer than 15 minutes a day whilst you’re learning the nuts and bolts. But the 7 steps of PERFECT help you to pick up the techniques in double quick time…

So you can quickly focus your practice on developing those all important 3 core skills of Qigong.

The best way to learn is by taking my online Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC). It’s made up of 22 lessons, you get one lesson a week and It takes 5 months to complete.

The cost?

$135 paid in 5 monthly instalments of $27 each.

You can take a test drive of the first two lessons for just $4.95 to see if it’s a good fit for the way you like to learn.

You’ll find all the details here:

Or, if you’re on a budget.

The next best way to learn the Qigong I teach is through the book which formed the foundation upon which the QSHSC was built.

The instantly downloadable Pdf version of this book costs $37 and you can get a copy of it here:

Bottom Line?

If you practice Qigong the way I teach it, being unable to find time to practice is not a valid excuse.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you again on Monday.

Kindest regards


P.S. Day 4 of my sugar fast went smoothly. This weeks gone far easier than I’d ever expected which tells me 2 things:

1) Many of the things we think of doing aren’t as hard as we thought when we start doing them. And…

2) Having an Accountability Partner is a powerful, motivating force!

Though I do really miss the 2 sugars in my morning coffee =)