Hi, I’ve got a secret to share with you, I’m acutally 300 years old and it is thanks to my daily practice of Qigong/Chi Kung that I look like a healthy, energetic 38 year old.

Not really =)

But if you want to know which of the qigong exercises available are the best for promoting youthfulness and vitality then you’ll want to consider the following:

Look Back To Carry the Moon – this is perhaps the best of the qigong exercises for promoting ‘cleansing’. Remember – it is blockages to harmonious flow of qi throught the meridians (energy streams) of the body that cause Yin/Yang disharmony which is the only illness in TCM.

Carry the moon is brilliant for cleansing which gets rid of these blockages and promotes harmonious qi flow which equals health. Then we want to increase the flow of qi through the meridians and this will give us vitality and youthfulness.

Remember the forte of qigong is first to cleanse and then to build and Carry the moon is brilliant at this.

Reverse Hands Bend Waist – here it is again, one of the qigong exercises that keeps popping up again and again in this series of ‘best qigong exercises for XYZ’. It’s not one of my favourite qigong exercises, and new students find the breathing quite challenging with this one, but there’s no denying that it’s like the ‘swiss army knife’ of qigong exercises.

Three Levels To Ground – Shaolin Kung Fu students will be very familiar with this qigong exercise as it forms part of the set of qigong exercises known as ‘Flexible Legs’.

These are some of the best, but to be honest all of the qigong exercises of Qigong are brilliant for promoting youthfulness and vitality. Remember Qigong is the Art of Energy. More exact, it is the art of directly managing your vital energy. Vital energy being the ‘stuff’ that keeps you and me alive and all of our systems functioning properly.

Bye for now

Just a qigong instructor

Marcus James Santer