So I got an email from a new client:

“I’m finding it hard to keep up my daily practice because I’m busy juggling so many different demands…. My body feels old because of sitting in a darn chair at a computer all day! I don’t like it one bit. My mind is also affected of course and I’m more scattered and a bit down these days. UGH…”

Sounds familiar.

Life can be like one of those plate spinning acts where the performer spins plates on the top of thin canes.

To stop them falling each one has to be carefully monitored and when it starts to slow, the artist gives it a gentle spin to keep it up in the air.

But in life, sometimes there are soooo many plates to keep an eye on and some of them get overlooked and fall to the floor.

Fortunately you discover that most of the plates turn out to be made of rubber and don’t break on impact.

But a few…

Well, those few are made of fine bone china.

Let them fall and you’re in a world full of pain.

These ‘plates’ are usually things like:

  • Your health.
  • Your relationships.
  • Your livelihood.

And so on.

Only you know which plates are vital to you.

So sometimes you may miss your practice, not ideal, but not the end of the world either. It’s always going to be there ready for you to pick up and start ‘spinnig’ again.

As you probably know I spend a lot of time sat in front of my trusty iMac. I remember Ollie being asked at school what Daddy did for a living.

Quick as shot, without missing a beat he said: “He works with computers.”

Funny that, I always thought I was a Qigong teacher =)

Though I do spend a lot of each day sat on my arse too.

Here’s how I stop it driving me mad and making me unhealthy:

I work in 38 minute chunks.

When the timer goes off, I stop what I’m doing and go do some exercise.

I then work for another 38 minutes, do more exercise and so on to the end of the day.

Here’re some of the exercises I do and I only spend 5 to 10 minutes on each:

  • Shoulder circles, Lohan draws saber and cat vomit =)
  • Stretching.
  • 5 star down or 3 lots of Sun Salutes.
  • Wrist mobility and hand stands.
  • Hindu squats
  • L-sit

And so on.

You get the picture. They get me up and moving.

If your working situation allows it, I highly recommend you factor in your own mini exercise breaks at regular intervals. You don’t have to do them every 38 minutes. I know some people who work in 90 minutes chunks.

It’s up to you.

Bottom line?

Do what you enjoy, don’t force yourself to do what you don’t enjoy – unless it helps you to keep a fine bone china plate from dropping on the floor and breaking!

Oh and before I go I’d just like to mention that I have ONE 6 DVD Qigong Secrets Home Study Course box set left.

It’s an NTSC set which means it will only work if you live in:

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • South America

And so on.

If you live in Europe you’re out of luck I’m sorry to say.

Once this final set has gone I’ll take down the sales page and the price will go back up from $150 to $300.

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Have a lovely weekend and I’ll catch up with you again on Monday.

Kindest regards