Here’s How To Join My
Qigong Inner Circle And Save Yourself
A Ton Of Dough At The Same Time

I‘d like to tell you a little story…

About 15 years ago my dad paid Clarabella and I a visit.

He had a job on in Nottingham and instead of booking into a hotel he stayed the night with us. That evening he took us out for a meal and during the conversation asked when we were going to get a mortgage and buy a house.

Being a bit of an idiot back then I answered his question along the lines of:

“Man, we don’t want a mortgage. Do you know what that word means?
Mort = death, gage = grip. A mortgage is nothing more than a death grip dad. We’re free spirits, we want to travel, see the world. We don’t want to have a house
blah, blah, blah.”

My dad patiently pointed out that getting a mortgage didn’t mean we had to live in the house for the rest of our lives. If we wanted to travel, we could simply let it out. But at the end, we’d have property.

Luckily Clarabella’s head was screwed on a bit tighter than mine and shortly after that conversation with my dad we get a mortgage.

So what?

Patience young grasshopper, patience.

A few years later, the housing market in the UK went berserk. House prices shot through the roof. We’d bought our first house for £35,000 and 6 years later we sold it for £92,000.

Thanks Dad!

I still thank him regularly for that conversation so many years ago.

Now whilst the conversation I’m having with you today won’t offer you anything quite so grand, it will allow you to get in on an exciting new project. On the ground floor, before the price goes up.

Here’s the scoop dear Qigong Daily subscriber…

As you know, I’ve recently been working my buns off on what I call the PERFECT Qigong System (PQS). It’s made up of:

  1. An 80 page book.
  2. 50 minutes 55 seconds of new video tuition.
  3. A 7 minute 58 second mp3 guiding you into a Qigong State of Mind.
  4. A number of essential tools.
  5. And some other useful bonuses.

Please realise I never wanted to create the PQS, all of the information is already available, spread out amongst my other books and DVD’s.

Nope, I wanted to create a monthly ‘in-print’ newsletter for my Qigong Inner Circle.

But it was Clarabella who pointed out that not everyone who subscribes to the Qigong Inner Circle Letter (QIC Letter) will be familiar with my previous work.

What to do?

I didn’t want to have to waste 4 or 5 pages in each months letter explaining how to practice PERFECT Qigong. No, I was going to have to provide all subscribers with a resource that enables them to get up to speed with everything they need to know about how we practice Qigong around here.

The PQS is the solution.

It collects all of my best teachings on how to practice PERFECT Qigong and presents them in one complete package.

And it’s finished.

Well, the digital version is.

It’s probably going to be about a month before the physical version is available, and when it’s available it’ll sell for $97.

But I plan to give everyone who subscribes to the QIC Letter a copy free with their first subscription.

Though I’m sorry to say it’s going to have to be a digital version to start with as I’m not waiting another month until the physical copies are available. I’ve waited long enough, the QIC Letter was supposed to have launched in November last year!

Now I was going to ask $37 a month for the QIC Letter and for that you’d receive:

  • An 8 to 12 page letter filled with everything of value I’ve discovered in 13 years of practicing Shaolin Cosmos Qigong. And everything I continue to discover that will help you live a happier, healthier and longer life. Stuff I don’t share in this daily email.
  • A Qigong exercise that will eventually build up to a new set of 18 Qigong exercises, most of which I’ve never taught publicly before. With video and written instructions of course.
  • A new direct access to me email address to ask your questions. I’ll be shutting the other one down and hiring a virtual PA to take care of the customer service for my other products.
  • Critiques on your practice. Either you send me a video link and I feedback how you can improve. Or you grab a 10 minute Skype slot. I’ll be making 2 hours available each month only for QIC Letter subscribers.
  • Discounts on everything I can give you a discount on.
  • And anything else of value that we discover as this project develops.

Oh and the PERFECT Qigong System of course.

Which seems pretty reasonable considering it’s the same cost as 3 large Starbucks frappucinos a week.

But like I said earlier, as a valued Qigong Daily subscriber I want to offer you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and save yourself some of your hard-earned dough.

So here’s the offer.

If you become a subscriber to the first issue of the QIC Letter, you’ll be ‘Grandfathered’ in at a founders rate of $25 a month. For as long as you remain an original subscriber, you’ll never pay more, no matter how much the price increases for regular subscribers.

When this offer goes live, it will only be announced only to early birds on the Qigong Inner Circle invitation list.

Now hear this, because the Qigong Inner Circle certainly isn’t for everyone, it’s for serious Qigong players only.

So if you’re serious about your practice, if you’d like to be the first to receive notification when the QIC Letter goes live, gain access to the special ‘founders only’ rate and receive a free digital copy of the PERFECT Qigong system when you join, then your invitation to join the early bird notification group is here:

Please give this offer some careful consideration and if you think it will be of value and benefit to you and your Qigong practice I look forward to welcoming you to the Inner Circle.

And if not, that’s cool too.

Have a great weekend.

Kindest regards