It’s 07:24 as I sit here in my office writing today’s Qigong Daily for you.

It’s so dark outside.

If I turned my lamp off I wouldn’t be able to see a hand in front of my face.

Now if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve got a bit of a thing about time.

For me time = life.

And time is the great equaliser.

From super athlete to super coach potato from hero to zero from the richest to the poorest – time doesn’t care. It gives you 24 hours each day.

No more, no less.

I find it kinda sad that all the labour saving devices that were supposed to make your life simpler and lead to us humans having more time for leisure and social activities. Seem to have done the complete opposite. Most of us have less time and have to do more and more to get less and less.

How much does that suck?

And yet the government says you need to be doing 150 minutes of moderate activity a week.

They tell you by doing so you can expect to reduce your mortality risk by 1%

Yet only 20% of people get this 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.


Well a lack of time is the most common excuse for not doing any kind of organised exercise.

The good news is PERFECT Qigong is a pretty fantastic place to start and time wise there aren’t many authentic, skills focused Qigong systems out there that can give you all the benefits of Qigong in just 15 minutes a day.

Nope, the standard seems to be 60 minutes.

But as remarkable as PERFECT Qigong is (and it is remarkable) there are more cost effective and efficient ways to gain the benefits of physical exercise.

And here are a few of those benefits you’ll like:

  • Improved fitness
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves your brain
  • Reduce risk factors associated with cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Mood boosting
  • Look good naked
  • It’s a powerful anti ageing medicine

But let’s be honest, if you find it difficult to find time to practice PERFECT Qigong how likely are you to be able to find 150 minutes to do physical exercise?

Especially when for most people exercise means:

Travelling to a gym – How much extra time does that add?

Or going for long runs even when it’s cold, dark and wet like it is here in Dawlish today.

Or trudging away endlessly on a treadmill like a demented hamster.

Or hours looking like a sweaty beetroot on an exercise bike.

Or lifting heavy weights that you wish looked heavier to those around you.

If that’s the kind of image exercise brings up for you, you’re fighting a losing battle Grasshopper.


What if I told you there was a way to get all of the major benefits of 150 minutes of organised exercise in just 3 minutes a week?

Yup, you’d think I was spinning you the biggest lie since the Greeks convinced the Trojan’s that huge wooden horses were the last word in gifts.

It’s exactly what I thought when Clarabella told me about an interview she’d heard on Radio 4.

I simply blew it off as sensational B.S.

But Clarabella is a great source for stuff to share with you in Qigong Daily’s so I listened to it.

Then I did my homework.

And here’s what a professor of systems biology told the guy being interviewed:

“[He] said I could get many of the more important benefits of exercise from just 3 minutes of intense exercise a week. In just 4 weeks I could see significant changes in my biochemistry.”

All of my research, fact checking and digging deep into the dirt confirms this statement to be true.

With one exception.

The 3 minutes a week is misleading.

I think it’s more honest to say you’ll need about 12 minutes a week to follow this type of exercise safely and properly.

But that still saves you 138 minutes over the Government recommendations.

Plus you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

What’s not to like?


I reveal everything in this months Qigong Inner Circle Letter.

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Bye for now


P.S. As I finish writing this Qigong Daily it’s 08:08 and it’s finally starting to get light outside.