One of my lovely new clients asks a question:

How soon can a new student expect to experience Energy Flow
after starting Perfect Qigong?

It depends on so many factors.

But they can be grouped into three main areas:

  1. The source of the teaching – I’ve covered the different sources in my Qigong Learning Index (QLI): 8 ways to learn Qigong from best to worst (
  2. The type of Qigong you’re learning – There are so many different schools and styles of Qigong. All with different emphasis, focus and claims. Some are good, some are bad and most are somewhere in between.
  3. The student – There are interested students, active students and fully committed students.

Now, you could have the best of each group:

  1. You’re learning face to face with a great Qigong teacher.
  2. You’re being taught high level Qigong.
  3. And you’re a fully committed student who follows your teachers instructions to the letter.

Well you can expect to experience Energy Flow within a few lessons.

Or, you could have the worst of each group:

  1. You’re learning Qigong from a badly written book.
  2. You’re learning Qigong form only.
  3. And you’re a very lazy student, cherry picking what you practice.

Well it should come as no surprise to discover your chances of experiencing Energy Flow are none.

Clearly there are many different combinations you can make from the three groups.

So can you see why the answer to the question “How soon can I expect to experience Energy Flow?” is…

….It depends on so many factors.

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But from my experience as a teacher, I can tell you the most important factor is always the student.

I’ve had students who only practice when they come to class. Even though they’re learning authentic Qigong directly from me their results are minimal.

Trust me, good students are rare but they are a joy to teach.

Going back to the three groups I mentioned. One of the saddest combinations I can think of, is a good student, trying to learn low-level Qigong form from a badly written book.

The thought of It breaks my heart.

So, if you’re a good student and you’re unable to learn Qigong directly from me, then the very next best thing is my 22 week Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

I created it with you in mind.

You can get the full story and take a two week test drive of the course here:

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards