Tee Hee Hee.

I got quite a shock when I went into the bathroom this morning.

As walked past the mirror, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a stranger.

I automatically turned for a closer look and thought:

“Who the hell is that!”

firstcutI’d forgotten that Clarabella had cut my hair last night.

Now bear in mind this is the first time Clarabella has EVER cut hair. I think she did a really good job. No bald patches, no long tufts sticking out. And…

She saved me a tenner.

Now the reason I’m sharing this with you is because it highlights a very important principle. One that applies not only to PERFECT Qigong, but to pretty much everything you’ll ever do.

Let me explain.

Before cranking up the clippers, Clarabella watched a number of Youtube videos on how to cut hair.

She actually read the instruction book which came with the clippers.

She was as prepared as she could be.

But when the time came to actually stick those clippers onto my head and take them for a spin…

Well, that was scary, for both of us.

Because all the video watching and all the reading in the world is a poor substitute for actually doing what you want to do.

Ever heard of this saying?

“Practice makes perfect”

Of course you have and the key word here is: practice.

That’s why I always refer to your Qigong training as Qigong practice.

Now Clarabella’s a recovering perfectionist. So I had to keep reassuring her during her first ever hair cut that it was unreasonable for her to expect it to be brilliant.

I mean there are so many skills to learn, from simply holding the clippers correctly to removing hair without hurting your husband and so on. Like I said, so many skills to own before you can reasonably expect to be able to deliberately apply a style to the hair.

Like Qigong, getting the skillz takes time and it takes practice.

I know for a fact the next time Clarabella goes to work on my hair, she’ll do a better job and she’ll do it quicker. Because of her own direct, hands on experience.

Accept no substitutes Grasshopper!

Now obviously Clarabella’s learning curve would be much quicker and her results far superior if she was learning directly from a great hair cutter.

That just makes sense.

Same applies to Qigong.

If you want to learn the skills of Qigong quicker and get the benefits of Qigong easier you’ll want to learn from me directly, face to face, heart to heart. So that I can show you exactly what to do. I can correct any mistakes and answer all your questions – immediately in ‘real time’.

All of which speeds up your learning curve considerably. There’s a reason good teachers will always be in demand.

Now if you’re in Europe you’ll want to check this out:

  • Portugal – 6th & 7th July = 2 PERFECT Qigong workshops.
  • Organiser: joao@perfectqigong.com
  • URL: PERFECT Qigong Portugal
  • Note: Joao speaks excellent English, if you have questions write and ask him.

And if you’re in the USA you’ll want to check this out:

  • Maryland – 16th – 18th August = 2 day 8 Pieces Brocade workshop and 1 day Smile From Your Heart workshop.
  • Organiser: edie@perfectqigong.com
  • Note : Book before 1st August for special discounts.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Bye for now


P.S. I used to do a 14,000 mile round trip pretty much every year to learn face to face from my teacher.

What’s your excuse?