Yesterday whilst walking to the Post Office to post some video material to a valued client I made an interesting discovery…Trouble is, with all the rain we’ve been having here in Devon recently, the route through the woods is more like a dirty, squelchy bog.

One part in particular, Clarabella and I refer to as ‘The Jungle Trek’.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

Trees and brambles block your way and grab at your arms, legs and face. Whilst the ground is so water logged Clarabella nearly lost a wellington boot whilst walking through it.

It’s not fun.

So as you can imagine, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it… again. Louis gets two walks a day and unless its chucking it down it usually involves navigating the treacherous ‘Jungle Trek’.

As I approached the start of this tricky route, I met a lady walking her spaniel, she kinda just popped out from the middle of nowhere and made me jump.

We said hello, or rather we had to say hello whilst the dogs sniffed each others arses!

And that’s when she told me about the alternative root through the woods and onto the golf course.

When the dogs had finished “greeting” one another, Louis and I set off on our new path through the woods.


Who’d of thought it?

I thought I knew these woods pretty well.

But I was wrong.

With a serious lack of effort, bramble in the face and dirt Louis and I arrived at the golf course.

And that’s what learning Qigong with me is like.

Don’t believe me?

Let me explain…

It’s fair to say I have a few books on Qigong, no surprises there. But when I compare the diagrams and photographs in them, which are there supposedly to show you how to interpret the written instructions it’s like trudging through ‘The Jungle Trek’.

Not as dirty perhaps, but just as exhausting.

Badly drawn diagrams, nonsense arrows stuck over the top of poorly photographed people.

It’s not conducive to easy learning.

Compare these with the clear, studio shot, professional photoshopped pictures on page 65 of my book Smiling From The Heart ( and you’ll see what I mean.

With the help of my original photographer, ‘Big Claire With The Yellow Hair’ as Ollie referred to her, we developed the proprietary ‘Transition Shot Technology’ or TST, it’s the closest you can get to video in a book.

And it takes a lot of hard work to produce.

But because I want to make learning Qigong as easy for you as possible, the hours spent merging and layering 3 or more photographs together so you can clearly see how to get from postion A to position B EASILY means it’s time well spent.

I bring the same level of detail to all my Qigong products.

It’s also why I give all my clients a ‘clients only’ email address, so they can ask me DIRECTLY any questions they have as they develop their Qigong practice.

And in most cases I reply within 24 hours.

How many Qigong teachers will do that for you?


Once you’ve parted with your hard earned cash, they’re happy for you to go off getting lost, tired and frustrated in the woods.

So if you’d prefer to follow a different, easier route, a quicker way to get through the woods and enjoy the breath-taking panoramic views from the golf course, then let me show you way…

The easy way to learn Qigong. Simple visit any of the links below…

Enjoy your practice =)

Kindest regards


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