Happy Louis

I love taking Louis for his walks.

Even if it’s raining like it was this morning.

It’s hard to beat the heady mix of fresh air and breath-taking Devon countryside for making me feel like a million dollars and for stimulating the old grey cells.

Thoughts come thick and fast.

There I was walking across the golf course, morning dew glistening in the light like a trillion diamonds and as I looked out across the Exe estuary a jingle from an old ‘Mars bar’ ad came into my mind.

You might remember it:

“A Mars a day, helps you work rest and play.”

But I remember singing it as kid like this with my mates:

“A Mars in your gob gives the dentist a job.”

And as I watched the wind gently blowing the long grass I started wondering…

Work, rest and play


  • What work was our body actually designed to do?
  • What food was our body actually designed to eat?
  • What rest was our body actually designed to benefit from most?

Here’s what I know so far:

Question 1: What work was our body designed to do?

Homo Erectus (no laughing at the back!) our first human ancestor appeared about 2 million years ago. And I’ll bet as our bodies have evolved since then, they were not designed to spend 8 hours sat on our bums at work.

And then another couple of hours (at least) sat on them in an evening watching ‘The Vacuum’, surfing the web or hanging out on Flakebook.

Sitting down so much has disastrous affects on all aspects of your health because it destroys your posture.

Trust me, that’s bad news on all levels:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

If you’re one of those people who sits down on the journey to work, spends ages sat down at work, continues to be sat down on the way home from work and then spends long periods of time sat down at home…

You might find these handy: Qigong Exercises You Can Do In The Workplace

Especially exercises 2 thru 5.

Hey, don’t say I never give you nuffin!

Question 2: What were our bodies designed to eat?

I’m not qualified enough to tell you. But after reading ‘Pure, White and Deadly‘ by John Yudkin I can hand on heart say it isn’t sugar loaded food like candy bars. In fact using high sugar food to get an energy boost is a really short term fix that carries a heavy price tag.

The number one activity you could benefit from is better quality sleep. Consider the facts:

  • We get an hour less sleep each night than people did a century ago.
  • Sleep deprivation increases your levels of the stress hormone Cortisol.
  • Sleep is vital for regulating hormones Not enough causes your metabolism to slow down which can make weight loss nearly impossible.

I remember listening to an interview with one of the athelets in the build up to the 2012 Olympics. Here’s what he said:

“Yeah, we’ve all being going to bed at 9pm for months…”

Hmm, Interesting.

What time do you go to bed?

Assuming you’ve got the basics covered like going to bed early enough, what else can you do to fully rest and recharge your body? Well, If there’s one benefit I’ve heard time and time again from my clients over the last decade it’s that their Qigong practice has rapidly improved the quality of their sleep.

I’m also certain that when it comes to energising your body, the practice of PERFECT Qigong is a simple, direct and effective way to achieve it.


Because Qigong is an incredibly powerful tool for switching off your over stimulated: “Fight or Flight” mode and switching on your under-utilised “Rest and Build” mode.

This is just one of the crucial benefits practicing Qigong gives you.

It’s no accident that my clients find Qigong to be a powerful antidote to the affects caused by stress and for increasing their resistance to stress.

If the thought of using PERFECT Qigong to enhance the quality of your sleep and increase your resistance to the stress and strains of modern life is of interest to you, I recommend you invest in a copy of my book: Smiling From The Heart.

All you have to do is:

  • Read it…
  • Follow the simple instructions I’ll give you to create your own ‘made to measure’ Massive Action Plan (MAP)…
  • Follow your MAP for 60 days…

And if you haven’t noticed a significant improvement in your sleep and resistance to stress by then, let me know and I’ll give you your money back.

Can’t say no fairer than that Grasshopper.

Smiling From The Heart is available for immediate download here:


Have a lovely weekend.


P.S. If you’d like to learn the skills and techniques in SFTH directly from me and you’re in the USA, visit: http://PerfectQigong.com/usa