Here’s something you might find interesting.

I was talking with one of my brilliant private Qigong clients last night on the phone when she asked me:

“What are your 3 favourite Qigong exercises?”

Now that’s a tough question!

Imagine if you were told that you could only practice 3 Qigong exercises for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

Here are mine.

In at #3 and a surprise entry is…

3) Butterfly Dancing (BD) – If you want to be happy you need to ‘Open Your Heart’ and one of the best Qigong exercises for doing this is BD.

BD is simple, safe and easy to practice and yet it’s benefits are epic.

Significant, highly emotional events that were not handled effectively at the time can really make you ill later.

BD is a powerful Qigong exercise for overcoming illness caused by such events.

Quick Note: My experience as a Qigong healer has convinced me that the number one cause of most serious illness is emotional and as a result BD forms an important part of my healing kit.

At #2 we have…

2) Carrying The Moon (CTM) – I love to cleanse. Some people love to build. But there’s a common misconception in Qigong that you get more ‘powerful’ by adding energy.

The truth is, adding energy to a blocked system can cause more harm than good. And if you’re living in the 21st Century you can be pretty certain that your system is getting blocked up on a daily basis.

CTM practiced at a higher level known as ‘Cosmic Shower’ is the best cleansing Qigong exercise I have ever encountered since I first became aware of Qigong back in 1992.

At #1 and no surprise to anyone who’s ever practiced it we have…

1) Lifting the Sky (LTS) – I consider this the ‘Swiss Army Knife‘ of Qigong exercises.

  • Want to increase energy levels? Practice LTS.
  • Want to overcome pain and illness? Practice LTS.
  • Want to improve your spiritual cultivation? Practice LTS.

You get the picture.

In fact if some great power decreed that I could only practice 1 Qigong exercise for the rest of my life, can you guess what it would be?

That’s right: Lifting The Sky would claim the prize.

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Enjoy your practice.


P.S. And as weird as it might sound coming from a Brit, happy Independence Day to all my American subscribers. Don’t party too hard =)