AQigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) subscriber writes in with a question:

> When practicing Shoot Arrows, do I tense the arms
> and the hands when lowering into horse stance
> and shooting the arrow?
> Thanks
> Aaron

A lot of Qigong practitioners seem to have confusion around the whole ‘relaxed and gentle’ theme.

I think it’s because western exercise places so much emphasis on something having to involve stress, tension and overload’ in order for it to be of benefit to you.

But as I keep shouting from the rooftops…

“Qigong is not physical exercise.”

Well, for most Qigong practitioners it is, but not for those who practice Qigong the way I teach it!

Now as Louis’s fond of telling me, words are cheap and actions speak louder than words, as you can tell, Louis is all about action… he’s a dog of very few words.

So try this quick and simple experiment and you’ll know everything you need to know about Qigong and tension…

**** Start of Experiment ****

Drop a pen or some other small object on the floor.


Now bend down and pick it up. Let’s call this Mode 1.

Do it again.

But this time, grit your teeth, tense all of your muscles and put as much effort as you can into picking up the pen.

Feel the difference?

Sure you do.

Let’s call this Mode 2.

In Mode 1 you used only as much effort/tension as was required to get the job done and not a single drop more.

In Mode 2 you used far more effort/tension than was necessary to get the job done, it might even have felt uncomfortable.

**** End of Experiment ****

Okay, I can hear you.

You’re wondering what on earth does this have to do with your Qigong practice and Aaron’s question?


Let me explain young grasshopper…

When practicing patterns from the Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands Qigong set, the way I teach it, you do everything using Mode 1.

I.e. You only use as much tension as is needed to get the job done and no more.


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Catch you again tomorrow and until then…

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards