Good morning!

I’m sat in my office with a soon to be cool enough to drink cup of green tea.

I’ve just paused to look out of the window at the beautifully lush old Oak tree at the bottom of my garden.

My heart swells with joy.

It’s been an incredible weekend.

On Saturday it was my birthday.

And if you sent me a best wishes email, I want you to know that I will get around to thanking you personally. I want you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to wish me well.

Thank you.

And yesterday was Fathers Day.

I get a lovely card from my boy. In it he wrote the following line I’ll never forget:

“You should be the King of all loved daddies.”

Life doesn’t get much better than that =)

My life is blessed and I attribute most of it to my Qigong practice.


When you practice Qigong you’re benefitting from a powerful tool that enhances your 3 treasures:

  1. Jing – Your physical body.
  2. Qi – Your energy.
  3. Shen – Your spirit or Soul

The practice of Qigong helps you to be physically strong, healthy and full of energy. It can help you to be emotionally calm, mentally focused and spiritually aware…

All at the same time!

Practiced correctly and regularly it’s no exaggeration to say it can make you better at everything you do.

Look my life like yours, has it’s trials and tribulations.

  • My son has cerebral palsy.
  • My wife is 6 weeks away from redundancy, with no replacement job in sight.
  • I have huge financial debt.

And so on.

But I still feel blessed.


Well it’s not because I stick my head in the sand and pretend my life is a perfect bed of roses.


It’s because I practice authentic, high level PERFECT Qigong.

Every day I:

  1. Strengthen my Jing
  2. Enhance my Qi flow
  3. And develop my Shen

Which allows me to keep a healthy perspective on life and choose to focus on the positives.

The sole purpose of my Qigong Inner Circle (QIC) Letter is to help you to do the same. Each month I share insights you won’t get anywhere else, from my 20 years of Qigong practice.

Twice a month my Inner Circle members get direct Skype access to me to clear up their Qigong practice questions. And with a private email address they know they can always get hold of me.

New members also receive a free copy of my PERFECT Qigong System book and DVD set that I sell for $97.

If you’re interested, you can get full details of what QIC membership entitles you to and whether you qualify to become a member or not, here:

I discovered from a very early age that I liked myself more when I was busy helping others.

It’s why I pursued the following career path:

  • YMCA qualified personal fitness trainer
  • NLP practitioner
  • Counsellor

And it’s why I currently believe the best way I can help you is through sharing PERFECT Qigong with you.

I know from my own personal experience and the experiences of those I work with that it can help you to live a healthier, happier and longer life IN SPITE of what challenges the world my currently be throwing at you.

That’s enough for today.

My tea is drunk and it’s time to help get my son ready for school.

Remember, as someone once said…

“Keep your chin up,
turn towards the sun and all your shadows
are behind you.”

I wish you well Grasshopper.