I was looking at the statistics for the Qigong Daily emails and this week I’ve seen one of the largest rate of unsubscribes since I started back in July.


Let me think, what’s different this week?

Hmm, well instead of giving you a bite-sized chunk of Qigong goodness each day, I drew a line in the sand and said:

“No sugar for 5 days.”

I also asked you to be my Accountability Partner, to help keep me on course.


I’ve been focusing on change.

So I think I know why people have been unsubscribing in record amounts…

Because they were only interested in Qigong and not committed to Qigong.

There’s a big difference.

And it’s cool.

Our time here on this beautiful planet is short and it’s foolish to waste it on things you’re not committed to.

But I also think quite a few left because they were uncomfortable about the thought of change and about being held accountable.

You’re clearly made of ‘firmer stuff’ and I’m glad you’re still here.

Let me tell you what I learned from yesterdays sugar abstention…

The importance of ‘Mini Victories’

Let me explain.

Change doesn’t have to be huge or painful to be beneficial In fact If you cast your mind back to what I told you about Kaizen, you know that positive, big changes happen as a result of many little actions.

Or Mini Victories as I like to call them. Here’s an example:

Clarabella is an outstanding baker.

She makes cakes and cookies that make your tastebuds stand up and beg for more.

And last night she made her legendary Ginger Biscuits.

Unfortunately I don’t possess the literary skill to explain how wonderful these things look, smell and taste.

But they’re good and they’re a favourite of mine.

And they’re also loaded with sugar. They’re definitely on my list of banned food substances for this 5 day sugar fast.

Yes I was tempted. I started to question the wisdom of a 5 day sugar fast, I mean what’s the point?

And then I remembered I’d have to tell you I’d failed.

And that was it. Temptation gone. Resolve firmly back in place. Thank you.

And I walked away from those cookies feeling damn good.

That’s a mini victory and the road to your Best You Ever is paved with them.

Change doesn’t have to be huge to count.

If you’d like have access to small bite-sized chunks of daily Qigong goodness that will help you to discover:

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  • Ways to stay motivated and inspired with your practice.

That will help you to have your own mini victories…

Then I highly recommend you invest in a digital copy of my latest book:

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Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards