A few months ago I wrote a Qigong Daily post titled:

“The Most Important Instruction I Ever Received
In 12 Years Of Practicing Qigong”

In it I revealed exactly what it said in the title.

You see I’d been reflecting back over 12 years of Qigong practice and was trying to root out what the most valuable instruction I had ever received was.

And you know what?

I found it.

And as I contemplated it I realised that if this one simple instruction was applied, any Qigong practitioner could transform the effectiveness of their Qigong practice almost instantly.

But perhaps even more importantly, if a practitioner was honestly not able to apply this simple instruction to their practice then they could save themselves years, perhaps even decades of potentially wasted time, effort and energy.

AND by investing this saved time, effort and energy into an activity they could apply this vital instruction to, they would get results beyond anything they may have thought possible.

This instruction is so powerful that if you have the guts to apply it to ANY area of your life you can’t fail to make worthwhile improvements.

  • In your health
  • In your finances
  • In your relationships

And so on.

But I never pressed the ‘Send’ button after I wrote it.

Instead, I copied it, pasted it into a text file and deleted the post.


Because I’m tired of sharing my pearls with people who don’t value them.

  • I’ve invested, well over £18,000 in my Qigong education.
  • I’ve travelled 100,000’s of miles to learn Qigong.
  • I’ve sacrificed time and money I could have spent on other activities and bright shiny objects.

All so I could learn and practice Qigong.

I know you’re probably fed up with hearing these figures, but I’m not bragging.

My aim is to make it crystal clear just how much I value Qigong.

I now firmly believe from my own direct experience, that something is only worth what you’re prepared to invest in it.

And by invest I mean the amount of:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Effort

You put into it.

You and I have a number of things in common otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post.

And something I know to be true is that I only value the things I’ve had to work for.

In all my years of teaching I’ve noticed that those who’ve got some ‘skin in the game‘ get better results, faster than those who don’t.

There are those who practice twice a day and there are those who only practice when they come to class.

It’s a fact of life and doesn’t just apply to Qigong.

Listen up, because there’s a vast ocean of difference between those who’re committed to something and those who’re just interested in it.

In all activities.

And if you’re committed to your Qigong practice you’re exactly the kind of person I want to work closer with in 2013.

As you’re probably already aware, I’m putting the finishing touches towards launching a monthly, in print, Qigong newsletter.

There’s nothing else like it out there and it’s for committed Qigong practitioners only.

If that’s you, I’ve created an early bird ‘Qigong Inner Circle‘ members list and you’re invited to join it.

I’ll keep you posted with my progress, occasionally ask you for your opinion and when it goes live, if you subscribe you’ll be grandfathered in at a founders rate which will be significantly less than anyone who joins later.

Look, this opportunity isn’t for everyone. If you’re just interested in Qigong and happy to keep reading these Qigong Daily posts – brilliant.

But if you’d like to get in on the ground floor of my most important project to date where I’ll share everything I know about Qigong and do all I can to help you live a happier, healthier and longer life…

…Then you’ll find your invitation to the ‘Qigong Inner Circle’ here:


And in Volume 01 Issue 01 I’ll reveal:

“The Most Important Instruction I Ever Received
In 12 Years Of Practicing Qigong”

And how you can use it to benefit your Qigong and other important areas of your life.

Until then…

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards