Ollie’s been doing sex education at school recently.

Clarabella and I believe it’s really important stuff.

Sure, it’s great that rates of teenage pregnancy are at their lowest since 1969, but the stats on STD’s aren’t so great.

And what parent wants their kid to be a statistic anyway?

So Clarabella and I have been doing our bit to make sure the lessons get through by using a highly recommended book on the subject with him at home.

It’s been an interesting experience.

Part funny, part embarrassing and part essential.

Not to mention trying to get the balance right. I mean, just how much sex ed does a 10 year old really need?

I got my sex education at about 8.

Up to that point I was convinced that babies came out of ladies ears. I’d got it all worked out how it happend. I was utterly convinced by my logic.

And then I was told the truth.

Some of the older boys in the school took great delight in telling me and my friends all the gory details one break time.

I remember being quite appalled at the time.

It was 9 years later before my dad gave me the “Bird and the bee’s” talk and by then of course it was far too late.

Anyway, the gold nugget I wanted to share with you was this:

Turns out there’s up to 300 million sperm in the average ejaculation

300, 000, 000!

But there can be only one.

The one that joined with your mothers egg to create you.

300,000,000 to 1. That’s some serious competition.

You really won the lottery of life Grasshopper.

If that sperm hadn’t have won the race YOU wouldn’t have been born.

Sure we could get very philosophical about this, but there’s no doubt your personality would have been very different and you wouldn’t be you.

So whatever else happens in your life today remember:

You’re a winner, you matter and you’re enough

You fought off a lot of competition to be here today and never forget it.

Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject of sex, would you like to know which the greatest Qigong exercise is for promoting ALL aspects of sex?

You would?

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Bye for now


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