Practicing PERFECT Qigong is always an enjoyable experience.

But do you ever find some of your morning sessions so simply delicious you don’t want them to end?

I certainly did this morning.

And so that’s the first useful gold nugget I want to give you.

Gold Nugget #1:

It’s okay if your PERFECT Qigong practice goes over 15 minutes, as long as it’s not deliberate or premeditated.

If you simply lose track of time in your blissful Energy Flow or Standing Zen that’s fine and dandy Grasshopper.

Gold Nugget #2, but first a little story…

I came home from London yesterday on the 10am First Great Western departure from London Paddington direct to little ole sleepy Dawlish by the sea.

I was sat in a train carriage with 80 seats and there were never more than 20 other passengers on the entire journey.

It was bliss.

However, before I developed PERFECT Qigong, train travel used to be a real drag. But now there’s just so much to do.

How so?

Well, I spent ages simply looking out of the window and Smiling From My Heart (p.46). Letting the joy of life fill my body and flood out into the world around me.

And these words came strongly to me:

Smile You Are Alive!

I spent some time making a list of 30 things I’m grateful for (p.97) and also included things I value. Because I’ve noticed it seems to be the human condition to not appreciate or value the things you’ve got until you ain’t got them no more.

I spent some time reviewing my aims and objectives (p.84) to confirm that my Qigong path is on the right tracks.

I spent some time enjoying the benefits of the Ultimate Mind Calmer (p.36). After which I opened my eyes and stared in wonder at the beautifully green, lush, English countryside.

Then I went back to Really Smiling From My Heart (p.46).

Next I indulged in my new passion, playing Backgammon on my trusty little iPad mini.

I got well and truly thrashed by the computer but I didn’t mind.

And all too soon my 3 hour train ride was over.

Now you’ll notice I didn’t practice any Qigong during my journey.

There’s a very good reason for that.

Gold Nugget #3:

The past Qigong Masters recommended you avoid practicing in a violently moving vehicle. And I don’t know what the trains are like where you live, but the high speed trains here in the UK can rock and roll quite violently.

Now, in case you’re wondering what the page numbers in the text above refer to, they’re the page numbers where you’ll find full instructions on how to practice the tools I used during yesterday journey.

But in which book?” I hear you ask.

Hey, good question. It’s the second book I wrote:

Smiling From The HeartQigong Healing Techniques For Emotional Well Being

Along with the tools I mentioned above, in SFTH you’ll find clear instructions for another 25 simple tools you can use to create your own bespoke, made-to-measure Massive Action Plan (MAP) to specifically target those areas of your life you’d like to change for the better.

Use your MAP and it will take you to a life worth loving.

So, if that sounds like somewhere you’d like to go, there’s a train leaving right now and here’s your ticket, first class of course:

All aboard!

And have a wonderful weekend =)