I‘d just finished this morning’s PERFECT Qigong practice and was enjoying a cup of green tea when I heard this on BBC Radio 4:

“More than 700 people are being diagnosed with diabetes every day.”


I did a little digging online and found these bullets:

  • Around 3.8 million Britons have the condition, many of them Type 2
  • More than a third of the population have borderline diabetes
  • Diabetes UK say rise is becoming a “national health emergency”

Pretty hairy stuff right?

Now some people who get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes didn’t have a chance.

If a close relative has the condition your risk is increased because genetics is one of the main risk factors.

But for most it was preventable.

How come?

Because maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly are well proven ways of preventing Type 2 diabetes.

And here’s a snippet from the awesome book: Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath I’m reading at the moment:

“Take for exampled, these four largely preventable diseases: cancer, diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. Combined they kill nearly 9 in 10 people.”

Holy smokes Grasshopper… 9 out of 10!

And yet a ZEN+ lifestyle has been shown time and time again to increase your chances of living to 90 free from common diseases that make your final years miserable.

It all boils down to:

  • Energising
  • Moving more
  • Eating less
  • Ageing Well

There’s nothing mysterious or secret about prevention, but why is it so freaking unsexy?

Back in June’s edition of the ZEN+ Journal I answered the following question:

“They know what to do, how to do it and most of them
have plenty of time to do it and they don’t do it! Why?”

This client wanted to know if there’s some kind of inner barrier stopping people getting started on a ZEN+ lifestyle?

And it got me wondering too.

So I switched to ZEN Beast mode and went hunting.

Eventually I turned up 10 core reasons why prevention is such a hard sell and I shared them with ZEN+ Journal readers along with solutions.

Now I think one of the main barriers stopping people taking care of themselves is #4:

  • The rewards are rarely instant – Hang on… You mean I’ve got to quit smoking, reduce my drinking, eat better, lose 14lb’s and exercise regularly? And in 20 or 30 years time I might not die of heart disease, lung disease, cancer or diabetes?

In our “I Want It Now” instant society, can you see why prevention’s a hard sell?

However, if you’re one of the rare people who understands the benefits of prevention, who is committed to making simple changes to living a happier, healthier and longer life…

You’re just the kind of person who will gain the most from The ZEN+ Journal.

Full details here.

Bye for now.


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