It’s been a tough weekend.

I haven’t seen our cat: Sammy, since Friday.

Last I saw of him he was filling his little furry guts with food.

Saturday morning I went downstairs to get Clarabella a cup of tea…

No Sammy.

He’s usually sat on the rug in the living room with Louis.

As soon as they hear me moving around upstairs they know it’s chow time.

Saturday evening, still no sign of Sammy.

A sliver of fear starts to creep in. Only a tiny shard, I mean come on… He’s a cat.

The great thing about cats is they don’t need taking for walks. You simply have to make sure they have a way of getting in and out when they like.

The major suckage about cats is because of this freedom you can never be entirely sure where they are.

And when they go missing for days on end…

Well it kinda stains your whole life.

By Sunday evening Clarabella and I were walking around calling his name and making the whistling and squeaking noises he seems to like.

Sure, we look like a couple of crazy fools.

But who cares?

No Sammy.

I was up early this morning, so instead of going straight downstairs I went into my office to do some quiet contemplation. I looked out of the window onto the flat roof beneath hoping to see Sammy’s emerald green eyes waiting to come in…

No Sammy.

It’s not the first time he’s gone Walkabout.

But that doesn’t bring much comfort.

So you can imagine my relief when Clarabella walks in just now with Sammy in her arms!

I gave him the stroking of his life.

He ate some food and then buggered off back outside again.

I think he’s got a war going on.

Must be a new cat on the block.

I haven’t seen him prowl along the fence like that for quite some time. Hunched low, moving slowly and purposefully whilst scanning the terrain.

As lovely and cuddly as he is in the house.

I’m under no illusion as to what he really is.

A furry psychopath with an intense dislike of other cats and a fondness for terrorising smaller furry animals.

Anyway I’m just grateful to know he’s still alive and he still knows where is home is.

Speaking of gratitude…

When was the last time you made a list of 10 things you’re grateful for in your life right now?

Really? As long as that.

Hmm, when would now be a good time to do it?


I’ll do it with you, stop reading, and using your fingers count off 10 things you’re grateful for, right now.

Go on, I’ll race you…

I’m grateful for…

  1. Sammy being okay.
  2. This computer and the technology that makes it so easy for me to write to you every day.
  3. Running, fresh drinking water out of the tap.
  4. Being self employed.
  5. The cooling breeze blowing in through the window.
  6. The silence before the building site starts work.
  7. Birdsong.
  8. The clothes on my back.
  9. The sound of Ollie asking his mum for breakfast.
  10. Green tea.


Dang, I think you beat me Grasshopper!

Joking aside making a gratitude list is a powerful tool for your happiness.

Whether you do it on the fly or write it down.

How come?

Well it forces you to focus on the things and the people you do have in your life instead of the things and the people you don’t.

Now that’s powerful.

Gratitude is Non-Qigong Tool #8 in my book Smiling From The Heart.

And if you found it useful you’ll find 10 more non-Qigong tools (NQT) between pages 83 and 102.

NQT’s 1 and 2 are so powerful I encourage all my clients and students to use them.

If you don’t already have a copy of Smiling From The Heart, it’s available for immediate download right here.

Bye for now


P.S. If you like that kinda thing, he’s a really cute photo of Sammy and Louis hanging out.


I’ve never known a cat and a dog to get on so well.