So how are you doing today?

There’s a saying that:

“Forewarned is forearmed”

Meaning that advance warning can help you to have an advantage.

That’s what I was doing for you with all of last weeks Qigong Daily posts:

Helping you prepare for and navigate a safe passage through Blue Monday’s depressing perfect storm – if you’re affected by it.

If you missed any of the posts you’ll find them all on the Qigong15 blog.


Having suffered from depression I know how insidious an illness it is.

It’s like a cancer of the soul that seeps into every area of your life and ruins it.

It’s usually made much worse by those close to you who don’t understand and yet wanting to help tell you you’ve got to ‘snap out of it’, ‘get a grip’ and other such hurtful comments.

I know.

Yet through the practice of Qigong and the support of my doctor I was able to get off anti-depressant medication and have stayed off it ever since.

That’s why I tend to get a bit ‘evangelical’ about depression.

It’s a subject very close to my heart.

I hope as you read this you’re feeling bored by all the talk of Blue Monday and depression. Because that means you’re not affected by it.

So if you’re bored of this subject – I’m delighted for you and I assure you normal Qigong Daily service will be restored tomorrow.

But if fear, anxiety, worry and depression are affecting you, I’d like to make you an offer, so my conscience can rest easy, knowing I’ve done all that I can.

I’ll be brief…

I believe that Qigong is the most powerful tool for overcoming depression because it works on the root cause of the illness.

Unlike medication that only treats the symptoms. And when you stop taking the medication they all come back. And personally I didn’t like how the meds made me feel.

But that’s a different story.

The most comprehensive Qigong course I offer is my 22 Lesson Qigong Secrets Home Study Course. Chances are you’ve heard of it.

It’s also available as a 6-DVD Qigong box set.

The beauty of it being on DVD is that you can watch it on your TV screen, and I’ll wager your TV screen is considerably larger than your computer monitor?

Imagine, you could get a few friends or family members around and all learn and practice Qigong together without having to travel hundreds, or more likely, thousands of miles to learn directly from me.

I conservatively estimate I invested $28,000 to acquire the Qigong skills, knowledge and techniques I share on the 6 DVD boxset.

There’s over 8 hours of video material on the DVDs, and 214 pages of Pdf digital notes. Not to mention the $185 of free bonus material you’ll receive.

Plus you’ll receive my private “Clients Only” contact details so you can ask me your Qigong questions directly.

Now let’s pretend you were going to learn all this material directly from me in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you’d have to pay my $160 an hour tuition fee and travel expenses.

I estimate that’d cost you a minimum of $1,600.

I’m pointing this out so you’ll realise that at $300 the 6 DVD Qigong Secrets Home Study Course is already a hell of an offer.

But to celebrate Blue Monday and to do what I can to get this information into the hands of those who can best benefit from it, you can get this unique DVD boxset for $150.

And I’ll even cover the cost of postage for you.


  1. I only have 5 sets
  2. This offer ends 5pm GMT Sunday 27th January.

So if you’re interested, please don’t hang around.

If you’re ready to get your copy now please click this button which will take you direct to the PayPal page:

Blue Monday Special Offer

If you want full information about the contents of the 6 DVD box set click here:

Oh, and before I go, if you’ve already been through the online version of the Qigong Secrets Home Study course, then you already have the lions share of the content in the 6 DVD boxset.

So there’s not really much point getting the 6 DVD boxset, unless you want to watch it on your TV.

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards