Maybe it’s my degree in computer science?

Maybe it’s just my age?

Who knows?

The fact remains that for everyone in my family and most of my friends, I’m the ‘Go To’ guy when you have trouble with your computer.

Never had a problem I couldn’t fix.


But there’s always a first time right? My heart sinks when someone asks for the services of my computer skills. Because maybe this is gonna be the one that beats me.

Plus it’s not something I enjoy doing.

So you can imagine it was with some apprehension that I agreed to go round to my mate, Dave’s house to fix his Internet problem.

In a nutshell he couldn’t get his laptop to connect wirelessly to his Internet.

As I sat down at Dave’s kitchen table I took a deep breath and switched my brain to its: ‘Hardcore Logic’ setting and began diagnosing the problem.

After a few seconds of rummaging around his computers guts I got my first clue and I resisted the urge to let my brain switch off. Content that it knew what to do.

I’ve been caught out like that before.

A few minutes later, I knew I was on the right track. The solution was so beautifully simple.

Every laptop I’ve come across has a function or a switch to turn off wireless connectivity. Yup, you can see where I’m going with this can’t you? I only know this because Ollie did it with his laptop. And that took me some serious effort to work out and resolve. Because it was the first time I’d encountered it.

Anyway, back to Dave’s kitchen table.

I found the switch that toggled wireless Internet connectivity on/off. And simply turned it back on. Then called Dave and presented him with a fixed computer.

We’re good friends, so you can imagine the laugh we had when I explained what the problem had been.

It just needed turning on.

Now listen closely young Grass Hopper, because if you’ve been reading my Qigong Daily emails for a while, you should know by now that I’ve shared this story with you for a reason. That somehow it links to Qigong.

This one is no exception.

So what’s it got to do with Qigong?


Let me explain…

Just like Dave’s laptop you have inside you all the hardware you need to live a happier, healthier and longer life. It’s good to go, right now. It was fitted before you left the womb.

But unless you’re already practicing PERFECT Qigong, chances are you’ve never been shown how to turn on your inbuilt healing mechanism and then crank it up and get it firing on all cylinders.

It burns me up when I think of how many people there are who don’t even know they have this ability inside them and that learning how to turn it on and benefit from it is no harder than turning a computer on.

Once you know how.

My mission is to reach as many people as I can and show them how they can turn on their inner healer, crank up their energy levels and turbo boost their zest for life.

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there for a second.

But you see, Qigong is my passion and if you’ll let me I’d like to show you how simple it is to live a happier, healthier and longer life through the practice of Qigong.

And my 22 week, Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) is a good place to start. It’s made up of 22 lessons delivered in weekly bite-sized chunks to avoid overloading you with information.

You start with a two-week testdrive for just $4.95 and this is so you can find out if it’s a good match for you. Because the truth is the QSHSC isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Full details here:

And if you already practice Qigong the way we do it here then…

Very good, carry on =)

Enjoy your practice.

Kindest regards