The Sunday Quote:

Enlightenment is not separate from
washing the dishes or growing lettuce.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I felt incredibly blissed out and connected to everything after this mornings ‘Cosmic Shower’.

As I completed my practice, I floated around the garden enjoying the re-discovered beauty of my surroundings, in spite of the JCB’s in the field opposite.

I felt at peace with the world and everything in it.

I was totally centred.

I was physically relaxed.

I was emotionally calm.

I was mentally focused.

And I was spiritually aware.

All from 15 minutes of Qigong.

Then I remembered it was time to wipe the condensation off the windows.

Now there’s an important lesson here Grasshopper.

As wonderful as Qigong and its benefits are, you and I still live in this physical realm called planet Earth and you still have to do the dishes, feed yourself, go to work and all that other mundane stuff.

Otherwise people will come and repossess your house and furniture.

Remember the mundane and the spiritual are strongly connected.

Hey, if you’d like to discover how to be:

  • Physically relaxed
  • Emotionally calm
  • Mentally focused
  • Spiritually aware

In just 15 minutes a day I suggest you start by visiting:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bye for now