I operate a strong:

“All Life Is Sacred”


Which is just as well for the wasp that stung me this morning.

Louis and I were half way down Secmaton Lane when I felt something bump gently into the back of my head.

Didn’t think anything of it.

Then it happened again.

So I brushed my hand around the back of my head, thinking a rather over zealous fly was stuck in my slipstream.

And what do I see flying in front of me?

A flippin wasp.

It landed on Louis back and began it’s: “I’m gonna sting you Mofo” dance.

Instead of killing the wasp, I brushed it off Louis and I thought it had gone because I couldn’t see it anywhere.



Someone stubbed a lit cigarette out on the back of my arm.

At least that’s what it felt like.

The little bugger had stung me.

Even though it’s been a while since I was stung by bees and wasps. I have been stung many times so I knew I wasn’t about to go into an anaphylactic shock or anything.

But it hurt, you know?

And with it being in the back of my arm I couldn’t see what was going on.

So I ran back home with Louis and shouted upstairs to Clare:

“What do you do with a wasp sting?”

“Pee on it don’t you?” was her reply.

“No, that’s Jelly Fish, I’ve been stung by a wasp.” I said.

She came down, had a look and couldn’t see anything stuck in the back of my arm, even though it was starting to swell up nicely and burned like hell.

So off we went to consult the Oracle.

The font of all knowledge.

Or in other words we fired up the laptop and did a google search.

Vinegar and antihistamine, seemed to be the general consensus of opinion.

Luckily we had both.

It’s a few hours later now and it still burns and stings.

But there’s a valuable lesson here for you.

There’s a natural tendency these days to think the answers to all your problems are available online.

And they probably are.

If you know where to look, if you find a reliable source and you have the spare time to waste.

But when it comes to finding solutions to your Qigong practice problems online?

Good luck with that.

And if you’ve been practicing correctly for 3 months or more and you’re not seeing worthwhile benefits from your practice, then you’ve got a problem.

Now if you don’t value your time and you don’t mind getting conflicting results, then by all means surf the web and go looking for solutions.

But if you’d rather cut right to the chase and not waste your finite time then you might be interested in the eBook I wrote titled:

“Your Biggest Qigong Challenges Solved”

In it you’ll discover the answers to 12 of the most common Qigong questions I’m asked and solutions to the 11 toughest challenges most Qigong Players encounter at some point in their practice.

If your Qigong practice results are disappointing and you don’t have direct access to a teacher then I think you’ll find it really valuable.

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I’ll see you again tomorrow when hopefully my arms stopped stinging and itching!

Bye for now