A new client asks the following question:

“I like to listen to music whilst I work out,
is it okay to listen to music whilst I do my Qigong practice?”

Before I answer this question, I’d like to ask you one to get your grey cells fired up.

“How do you think this new client views Qigong?”

Go on, think about it for 30 seconds or so. I’ll enjoy my green tea whilst I wait for you.

You’re right.

Like many people new to authentic Qigong, this client thinks it’s a form of gentle exercise.

But don’t worry I’ve put her on the straight and narrow.

Because as you know, Qigong is not simply a form of gentle exercise. Well, not if you practice it the way I teach it.

No, Qigong trains your Jing, Qi and Shen.

Or to put it another way, Qigong benefits your:

  • Physical body.
  • Energy
  • Mind/Spirit/Soul

And as you also know, it’s a composite of Form (the gentle exercise part), Energy (correct breathing) and Mind.

With Mind being the most important ingredient by far.

In my opinion it’s impossible to be fully present in your Qigong practice if you’re listening to music. And no, I haven’t got anything against music. It’s just that silence is vital to your success with Qigong.


Because you can’t develop Mind power by diluting your focus.

If that’s not enough to persuade you, here’s another reason you’d do well to avoid practicing Qigong to music…

Consider what happens if you’re away from home and you haven’t got your music with you?

One of the most beautiful qualities of Qigong, perhaps the thing I love about it the most, is your practice is not dependant upon any equipment. I should be able to pick you up from wherever you’re reading this now and put you in the middle of Nottingham forest. And you’ll still be able to practice and benefit from your Qigong.

You see, when you practice Qigong the way I teach it, there’s nothing to pack when you go on holiday. It’s always with you, you can never leave it behind.

And that’s why I explained to my lovely new client that if she wants all the benefits of Qigong, she won’t listen to music whilst she practices.

For more details on practicing Qigong the way I teach it, check out this link:


Happy 1st March, have a great weekend and I’ll write again on Monday.

Kindest regards