There was a time when I believed the practice of Qigong was the solution to everything.

That the shortest distance from where you were to where you wanted to be was Qigong.

To use a $20 word I believed Qigong was a panacea, a cure for all ills.

And it gets pretty close.

It sure does a pretty bang up job, there’s no doubt about it, from

  • Increasing confidence (p.134)
  • Improving all aspects of health (p.9 – p.162).
  • Promoting inner peace (p.36)
  • Overcoming fear (p.121)
  • Developing greater resistance to stress (p.105)
  • Relieving mild to moderate depression (p.114)

To name just a few benefits, the practice of PERFECT Qigong sure does give you a lot back for your 15 minute investment each day.

Well, as good as Qigong is, I sometimes find that you can easily give it a helping hand. Beef things up a little if you like.

And one way I like to do this is to simply FLOP.


F stands for Faith – Ever heard of the Marvel comic hero ‘Dare Devil’? His tagline is: “The man without fear!” Well for the first 35 years or so of my life I was: “Marcus – The man afraid of everything!”

Eventually I grew weary of this and set out on a daring adventure to discover the antidote to fear.

Faith is one of the most powerful tools I found.

Now I don’t mean religious faith. Great if you have it, but I never have. I mean something a bit different. And you can find the full story of how I use faith as part of my arsenal for managing fear on page 122.

L stands for Love – A huge subject. But in this context I’m referring to love of self also known as self worth, self esteem, you get the picture.

Having spent most of my life feeling worthless, useless and pretty much lower than a snakes bum hole. I’ve always been keen to find ways to develop healthy self worth. Eventually over many years of searching I discovered what can be summed up by these words:

“You’re worthy because you’re human”

Nice words I’m sure you’ll agree.

But without the back story to make sense of them, they’re of little lating value to you. You’ll find everything you need to know about how to develop healthy self esteem starting on page 128.

Oh, and make sure you listen to the sound recording in the resources section on page: 162.


Sorry Grasshopper, I’m out of time.

As part of developing my skills for writing each Qigong Daily post quicker, I’m rigorously enforcing a 30 minutes policy.

My timer has just pinged, so I’m going to end here for today and finish this off for you tomorrow.

Until then, know that I salute the divine in you.


P.S. In case you were wondering which book the page numbers are referring to its: Smiling From The Heart. If you want a copy so you can dig deeper, you can get one here: