It’s that time of the month again.

Time for Sammy and Louis to get their flea and worm treatment to keep them free from blood sucking, disease spreading parasites.

You know, things like:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Biting lice
  • Round worm
  • Tape Worm

And so on.

I really love this definition of the word ‘parasite’:

“An organism which lives in or on a host and benefits
by deriving nutrients at the hosts expense.”

Parasites crop up everywhere, even on the Qigong Daily email list.

For example, last week I received this email:


“When I sent away for your daily email, I didn’t realise it was spelt ‘daily sales pitch’ how stupid of me. I obviously need to practice more of your intelligence developing Chi Kung so I won’t ever end up being duped again.

Thank you Sifu for this valuable lesson.”


Jeff clearly wasn’t getting enough free nourishment from me and has decided to look for a better host to feed on.

And I’m delighted to see him go.

Now don’t get me twisted.

If you and I are on the same wavelength then treasured Inner Circle member or Qigong Daily subscriber you’re welcome here.

Take Rob’s email for example:


“Hi Marcus

I am a fan of your work, I haven’t invested in anything you have produced as I have to share my means carefully… Thanks again for all your efforts to bring Qigong to the masses, every little bit helps.”


You see Rob gets it.

The Qigong Daily is all about getting Qigong out of Yoga and Tai Chi’s shadow and bringing it to the masses.

But just like you, I have bills to pay, a family to provide for and a roof to keep over our heads. So whilst I do my best each day to inform, entertain and inspire you…

I’m also going to make it easy for you to invest in one of my quality Qigong products because I believe they can be of great value to your health, happiness and vitality.

But if you want free Qigong books, videos and courses…

You’re mooching in the wrong place baby!

It’s time for you to move on.

Because there really is some good quality free stuff out there if you can find it.

But whilst you’re wasting your precious finite time trying to separate the wheat from the chaff – assuming of course you even know how to do that…

Me and my fellow PERFECT Qigong practitioners will continue to benefit from our simple, direct and effective practice.

If you’re not part of the PERFECT Qigong Players tribe yet, here’s a great place to get started:

Qigong Secret Home Study Course

Now, if you’re still here tomorrow, I guess that means we’re both singing from the same song sheet.

And if you’re not, then I sincerely wish you well in finding a quality Qigong teacher who is happy to feed you for free.

Bye for now