Clarabella, Ollie and I were lounging around in bed yesterday morning.

It’s what Sunday’s were made for =)

As usual Ollie was reading from his favourite book:

“Guinness World Records 2013”

Meanwhile I was watching the seagulls riding the thermals, letting Ollie’s various ‘Wow Facts’ wash over me.

Until this one came along:

“In just one day 8 years of footage is added to Youtube: the equivalent of
60 hours of video every minute!”

I had to ask him to repeat it and then read it for myself as I simply couldn’t believe it.

But it’s true.

Every single second… 1 hour of video is added to Youtube.


And that’s just one website there are plenty of other video sharing sites. In fact have you ever wondered just how big the Internet is?

In March 2012 it was estimated by Netcraft that there were 644 million active websites and this figure is growing at a faster rate with every month that passes.

It’s a brave new world out there in cyberspace.

And it’s definitely possible to find the answer to any problem you may have, Online, for free.

But it will be like looking for the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’.

If you’ve got the time and the ability to separate fact from fiction then go for it.

But, if you value your time and would rather invest it in more fulfilling ways the smart move is to leave places like Youtube alone and buy your information.

For me, this is the true power of the Internet.

Not so long ago, if you wanted to learn real, authentic Qigong you’d have to make some serious sacrifices. You’d have to travel far from the comforts of your home, you’d have to invest many months of research trying to find the best teacher and then you’d have to pray that you’d be accepted as a student.

Today, you’re simply spoilt for choice.

But the problem is, how do you separate the ‘wheat from the chafe?’

You could start by using this list of 5 criteria to evaluate the material you’re thinking of purchasing. This is the list of criteria I aim to meet whenever creating a new Qigong product.

It must be:

  1. Comprehensive – The material must be complete.
  2. Correct Level – The material must be taught at the right level for the student.
  3. Systematic – You shouldn’t have to make quantum leaps in your understanding in order to apply and use the material.
  4. Beneficial – The material must deliver what it says on the box.
  5. Enjoyable – It must be fun to watch, listen or study the material.

Though I appreciate it can be hard to test a Qigong book, DVD or online Qigong course to see how well it meets these criteria because you can’t physically pick it up and take it for a spin.

That’s why I offer a two week ‘test-drive’ of my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course for just $4.95 ( It allows people to see for themselves if what I teach is a good match for them without taking an expensive risk.


If you find something online that you like the sound of but you’re still not totally certain about it, I’d suggest you take a look at what else the teacher sells. Take a look at their website.

If they’re also selling information on anything from NLP to Angels and everything else in between I’d advise you to question the depth and quality of their Qigong material.


Because it takes many years of focused discipline and practice to ‘master’ Qigong, yet alone teach it to others.

But it doesn’t take long to regurgitate material learned from a few courses and then claim to be a Qigong master.

If in doubt save your hard earned cash.

There’s a ton more I could write on different ways of leaning Qigong, but today’s email is already long enough, so if you’d like to read more about this subject you might find my Qigong Learning Index 7 page pdf report of interest. It examines 8 ways to learn Qigong from best to worst.

You can download it for free here:

Qigong Learning Index

Enjoy your practice!

Kindest regards