Many years ago I used to smoke a pipe.


It’s not what most 19 year old males do, but I’ve always been way off centre of ‘cool’.

Though I like to think I’m cool before it’s cool to be cool =P


I had this A5 catalogue packed full of different tobaccos you could order with descriptions of each one:

For example:

“…it’s an exceedingly smooth almost creamy tasting smoke with no bite whatsoever… a bit sweet smelling and with just a hint of latakia to pass on an English character…at the mid point of the bowl the nuttiness of the Burley starts to come through…”

I’d read those descriptions and be in awe.

But for me, whatever I smoked it seemed to taste more like hot, stale, burnt underpants than creamy nuttiness or sweet fruits or whatever.

I also used to be a single malt whisky fan.

Same thing again…

I’d read the descriptions of the various whiskies whilst trying to choose which to sample next. Flowery, exotic prose on the hidden layers and depths you could expect to encounter.

But my personal experience was: Whisky tastes like burnt arse.

Gotta laugh about it now.

During my pipe smoking days I recall reading a quote from the famous author J.R.R. Tolkien, whilst I can’t find the exact quote, it went something like this:

‘I give thanks when I wake every morning
for another day of pipe smoking.”

Something like that.

These days I give thanks every morning for another day of coffee drinking.

And Qigong practice of course.

The reason why I’m waxing lyrical about my past ‘bad’ habits is because I want to look briefly at how your lifestyle can either benefit or hurt your Qigong results.

And before I began I wanted to make it clear to you, I ain’t in no place to judge or preach.

I’ve been a smoker, a drinker and more.

And I’ve loved nearly every single minute of it.

But as I got older I found the toll my lifestyle choices were taking was too high a price to pay.

I never forced myself to quit smoking. Personally I found I just didn’t want to do it any more. There was something about the health and vitality benefits of practicing Qigong that just didn’t fit with smoking.

A friction.

And I chose Qigong.

Quitting drinking was a much harder choice.

Now if you’re a smoker or a drinker, I’m not for one single second saying you have to stop.

You’ve got to make your own decisions.

But I am asking you to accept that the lifestyle choices you make have an impact on the results you’re gonna get from your PERFECT Qigong practice.

  • If you’re smoking like a chimney
  • Drinking like a fish
  • Eating like horse
  • Burning the candle at both ends

Don’t be surprised if you’re not getting the results you want.

But, if you don’t do any of the above and you’re still not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your Qigong, then this months Qigong Inner Circle Letter has the answer.

Join me and I’ll take you deep into the obstacles and hurdles that frustrate even the most dedicated Qigong Player at some point during their career and I’ll tell you exactly how to overcome each one.

I call it:

The Ultimate Qigong Trouble Shooting Guide

Inside you’ll discover 18 common stumbling blocks that prevent you from squeezing every single last drop of Qigong goodness from your practice.

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She goes to my printer in the next few days, so don’t hang around.

Bye for now


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