Big day yesterday.

Coffee Break On The Way To NottinghamI took Louis around to my mum and dads at 9-ish and then set off to Nottingham to pick up my family.

9 hours and 457 miles later me, Clarabella, Ollie and Louis came home.


My most favourite place in the whole wide world with my favourite people, favourite cat and favourite dog too =)

Perfect Huxley, perfect.

Now I don’t usually listen to the radio.

Sure, Clarabella has BBC Radio 4 on from pretty much the moment she wakes up to when she goes to bed.

Even if she’s not in the house. Go figure?

And when I do long drives like I did yesterday I usually stick something educational on.

It helps me to feel like all that time sat on my arse not crashing the car at high speed has some value.

Zooming up the M5, passing Junction 18 (to Bristol) I thought I’d listen to some tunes.

And that’s when I heard about the dolphins, during the link between records.

Now I’d always associated dolphins as creatures of pure joy <-- more about that in a minute. Let's face it, dolphins are cool. Have you ever been asked this question:

“If you could come back as any kind of animal which would you choose?”

I reckon dolphins top of most peoples lists.

But when I heard that dolphins had been filmed interfering with pufferfish in order to get them to release some kind of nerve toxin chemical that got them high.

Well, I couldn’t help but laugh.

But back to Joy.

Joy is one of the emotions used in TCM’s 5 elemental processes system.

The 5 elements being:

  1. Metal
  2. Water
  3. Wood
  4. Fire
  5. Earth

Each element is associated with a whole host of attributes from seasons to sounds to colours and everything in between.

One of those associations is with the emotions.

Joy corresponding to Fire which corresponds to the Heart (physical, emotional and spiritual) and summer, South, Heat, Blood, Bitter, Red, Spirit and so on.

The other emotions being:

  • Sorrow
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Anxiety

The 5 elemental processes is a very powerful tool for healing in TCM.

But it’s complex, seriously complex.

Personally I much prefer to use Qigong.

But that’s just me.

Now one of the concepts I had difficulty with when I first came across this tool was the notion that too much joy was a bad thing.

I mean how could you have too much joy?

Dolphins getting dosed on too much puffer fish nerve toxin – I get.

Anger, sorrow, fear, anxiety – I also get how too much of those can cause you damage.

But Joy?

Come on.

Then it was pointed out to me that we are talking about A LOT OF JOY!

For example, let’s say 10 units of anger is enough to be too much.

By comparison 1000 units of joy would be too much.

So the key lesson is ANYTHING in excess can be harmful – even joy.

Anyway, I talk more about the 5 elemental processes in the January Qigong Inner Circle Letter.

In this months – bursting at the seems with Qigong goodness – issue you’ll also discover:

  • The 4 awakening that came from the destruction of £1,700 worth of camera equipment after it took a 200ft trip over a cliff.
  • What acceptance really means.
  • The kind of illness I’ve had my greatest Qigong healing successes with.
  • Two vital principles of TCM you must understand.
  • The top 5 regrets of the dying.
  • The 7 principles of successful Qigong healing. 3 of which I’ve never shared publicly before.
  • The anatomy of a ‘typical’ Qigong healing session, including the fine points nobody else will tell you.
  • The 6 qualities I consider essential in a Qigong healer.
  • A Qigong healing case study from my private files.
  • Qigong exercise #12 from the new 18 exercise Qigong set. With all the pictures and videos you need to get to grips with it. This one’s a famous Shaolin Kung Fu pattern.

Blimey, writing that list I can see now why this issue was so challenging for me to write.

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Bye for now


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