Can you ride a bicycle?

If so, cast your mind back to what it was like when you were first learning…

Lots of trial and error?

Falling off?

Scraped knees?

Bruises and plasters?

Lots of plasters in my case.

I used to go to the top of a gentle hill around the corner from where I lived.

I’d get my balance and then push off.

The path ran parallel to some nice padded grass I could bail out onto when things started to get hairy.

Which they did.


And over

And over again.

But I didn’t give up.

Eventually I taught myself to ride a bike.

I was proud of my achievement, I felt I owned the world when I mastered that skill.

Little did I realise I had only reached the foot of the mountain.

As I began to climb it, I practiced and mastered wheelies, bunny-hops, endo’s and a whole host of tricks.

What can I say?

I was a kid when BMX-ing really started to take off =)

But my favourite trick of all was riding ‘no handed’.

I loved finding that sweet spot and then simply letting go.

I got so good, in my adult years, I could cycle the 3 mile journey to work and only use my hands when I stopped at traffic lights.

Glory days.

As I finished my Qigong practice this morning I thought how Energy Flowthe 5 the step of PERFECT Qigong – is just like riding none handed. How it’s about doing the prep work, finding that sweet spot, and then simply just letting go and enjoying the ride.

It’s exhilarating.

But first you have to be able to practice Qigong.

And it’s a lot less painful than learning to ride a bike.

Quicker too if you follow a tried and tested system and have access to someone who’ll help you when you get stuck.

Once you can practice Qigong, you stand at the foot of the Qigong Skillz mountain.

It’s so tall its peak is shrouded behind a veil of thick cloud.

If you look up, you’ll see me high above the surrounding trees waving at you.

And I’ve left a series of ropes and ladders behind me to help you climb this mountain safely and enjoy the views along the way.

Quickly and much easier than it was for me.

Now I could tell you all about the breath-taking scenery and experiences I’ve had climbing this mountain, but it’s better if you discover them for yourself.

Are you ready?

Would you like to start yourself on a lifetime of out of this world:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual


If so I’d like to be your guide.

To discover how we practice Qigong around here, put your cycle clips on and peddle on over to:

One handed, none handed or both handed that’s up to you young Grasshopper.

I’ll see you there.