I’m so happy =)

Why are you so happy Marcus?” I hear you ask.

Well dear reader, it’s because after 10 seriously over filled days I have finally uploaded the cover and content files for my new book:

Qigong Daily – 365 Big Ideas To Transform Your Qigong And Your Life

To celebrate, for the rest of this week I’m going to be pulling pages from the book and sharing them here.

I’d love to take credit for the Q365 project, but the truth is it was suggested by someone who completed last years Qigong Survey.

In answer to the question: “How Can I Help…” they replied:

“A 365 Qigong diary with a few caveats and things to watch out for here and there. With tips, things to watch out for and guard against (e.g. making it more complicated than it is). To help overcome a lack of reassuring conviction in those who practice far away from their teacher, or who don’t have a teacher yet.”

And Qigong365.com was the result.

I’ve spent the last 10 days editing, polishing and formatting the 366 posts into a book which, fingers crossed, will be ready just in time for Christmas and the New Year.

Anyway, more details will be made available as and when I have them.

So, without further ado I’d like to share this post from February 15th with you…

Heart To Heart Transmission

One of the most important reasons for learning Qigong directly from a good teacher is to benefit from what is known as ‘Heart to Heart transmission’.

In an art like Qigong it is often not enough to correctly follow clear and complete instructions, especially in advanced Qigong arts like Small Universe or Cosmos Palm.

Heart to Heart transmission doesn’t just happen when student and teacher are face-to-face, it can happen when both are physically separated by great distance. Here’re 3 common factors that allow Heart to Heart transmission to take place:

  1. Qigong State of Mind – All Heart to Heart transmissions occur in a heightened state of mind where there is no thinking or reasoning but only being.
  2. Complete Trust – Doubt, arrogance and lack of respect in a teacher block Heart to Heart transmission. But remember it is you that gives this trust to your teacher out of deep respect for your teacher, not because the teacher demands it. Safety first!
  3. Beyond Words – To transfer skills and experience to the student at the level of energy and mind, the teacher must have these skills and experiences.

The highest level and best known of Heart to Heart transmissions is found in Zen. Buddha showed a kambara flower to a gathered assembly of followers. Only Kasyapa (1st patriarch of Indian Buddhism) understood the teaching beyond words and attained instant enlightenment.

More tomorrow…

Enjoy your practice =)

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