Don’t you hate poor customer service?

I can think of just two experiences where I received truly heroic customer service.

The level of service that really made me stop in my tracks and take notice.

The first was for a £15 book on marketing. I really wanted the 12 CD spoken word version, but couldn’t afford the £125.

I placed my order and a few days later received an email from the publisher telling me they didn’t have any of the books left in stock. And because it would be 2 weeks before they had any more, would I like the CD version instead?

For the same price I’d paid for the book.

Do bears poop in the woods?

The second occasion happened last week.

I ordered a Vargo Triad meths burner and meths holder from a seller in the US because once the weather starts to get warmer here in the UK, me and a buddy plan to go out for long walks and that idea seems a whole lot more appealing if we can have a cup of green tea or two on the way!

Long story short.

The package arrived and the meths holder wasn’t airtight. I contacted the seller to let them know, not because I wanted a refund it was only a couple of bucks, but so they could check the rest of their stock.

Well they only went and shipped me a replacement out, using a speedy tracked service to boot. In fact the shipping on this must have cost 10 times the value of the item.

Am I impressed?

You betcha. And if I ever get the opportunity to do business with them again, you know I will.

You see, any business can say they have great customer service, but it’s not until things go wrong do you find out if they’re telling the truth.

As a self-employed Qigong teacher I make it a habit to embrace anything another business does that impresses me and do my best to offer it to my clients.

Which is what I really want to talk to you about today.

At the moment, it doesn’t matter if you invest $4.95 in a two week trial of my online Qigong Secrets Home Study Course ( or $300 on the 6 DVD version of the QSHSC.

Or anything in between.

You’ll still get a “client only” email address for me.

So that when you have questions about your Qigong practice you can write directly to me and ask them.

I know what it’s like to have questions and for your teacher to live 1000’s of miles away from you. And I don’t want any of my clients to go through the kind of frustration I experienced.

Now I don’t know of any other online Qigong business that offers direct access to the teacher.

Unfortunately I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to offer this “direct access to me” service to all my clients.


Because I’m simply finding it harder and harder to keep up with the demand.

Here’s what I plan to do:

Once the new PERFECT Qigong multi-media project and Qigong Inner Circle monthly in-print newsletter are up and running I will reassess who can get direct email access to me and outsource most of my customer service work to a virtual PA.

I want to shift as much of my focus as possible to my monthly Inner Circle subscribers. They’re the ones I really want to build a close connection with.

And I’d like to invite you to join the early bird list for the newsletter. If you haven’t accepted my invitation already, you’ll find it invitation here:

If your serious about your Qigong practice, I’m serious about supporting you.

Kindest regards