The Saturday Quote:

Experts should be on tap, not on top.
Winston Churchill

I received two very interesting emails yesterday.

Both from people who’re experts in the field of email marketing.

I respect both their views.

But look at this:

Email #1: Title – Things may come to those who wait…
Message: You’ve got to hustle or you’re going to lose.

Email #2: Title – Why patient men rule the world…
Message: You’ve got to be patient or you’re going to lose.

Holy earwax Grasshopper… They’re giving conflicting advice!

Now in the past this kinda thing would have put me into a real spin.

I had a real bad habit of putting my experts up on golden pedestals and worshipped them as infallible super human beings. Their word was gospel, they knew better than I did and were better than I was in every way.

And you know what?

It got me into a lot of trouble.

It made me go against my instincts.

It made me compromise my beliefs and values.

It made me behave out of character.

And so on.

It took me a lot of time and pain to discover the truth about how to get the most from experts.

That it is wise to ask for the opinions, advice and guidance of experts.

But the mistake is to follow it blindly. In accepting their opinions without first checking out the facts.

So by all means gather their advice and opinions, but remember experts are usually only experts in a narrow field. They will never know what’s best for you, because they don’t have the full picture.

When all is said and done, listen to what your chosen experts have to say but let your heart and your instincts lead you to make the right choices for you.

Remember: You’re the expert on you.

So choose your experts wisely young Grasshopper.

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Bye for now