The Sunday Quote:

Anytime you’re trying to better yourself,
you’re doing something right.

Al Kavadlo

I’ve been reading a very interesting set of extracts published in a UK newspaper called the “Daily Mail”.

Usually I’d avoid it like the plague.

But whilst I was up North with the ‘Outlaws’ I picked up a copy that was lying around.

What caught my attention was a series they were doing on how to break the habit of comfort eating. Publishing extracts from Paul McKenna’s new book.

I hate to admit it, but I found some of the tips, tricks and golden rules fascinating.

Here’s a bonus quote for you from one of the articles:

Giving In – On January 1, 2012, 2.6 million people started diets, but five days later studies found that 92 percent had given in to comfort eating.”

Now I can’t find proof of this, but I think you’ll agree with me when I say I don’t think it’s just people starting diets that have broken their new year’s resolution.

I don’t bother with them any more.

In fact, who says you have to wait for a new year or only set out to change your habits once a year?

Personally I like the smokers war cry:

“Never give up giving up”

Wow, I’m on a quote killing spree Grasshopper =)

Truth is, changing a habit is hard.

That whole 30 days to change a habit think is a crock of unicorn poop. I wrote an awesome Qigong365 blog post on this very subject back in December 2011.

I recommend you read it.

In a nutshell: researchers reporting in the European Journal of Social Psychology discovered the amount of time it takes to install a new habit is directly proportional to the amount of dedication involved.

Their research showed the full range of time to install various new habits was between 18 and 254 days.

For example setting up the habit of drinking a glass of water a day will be much quicker to install than practicing Qigong for 15 minutes a day.

So if you’re struggling to install the Qigong daily practice habit, here are a couple of things I’ve discovered that can really help you:

  1. Get support – join a group and if that’s not possible use a daily reminder service like this Qigong Daily email or get hold of a copy of my book: Q365 – 365 big ideas to transform your Qigong and your life.
  2. Get accountable – a more powerful version of number 1. Yesterday I promised my son £50 if I didn’t get a particular task done by the time he went to bed. I knew he wouldn’t let me off the hook, and I knew I didn’t want to give him £50. Guess what? The task got done.
  3. Get back on the horse – Every time you fall off the wagon and miss a day or two of practice. Just get back on the horse again as quickly as you can.

That’s enough for today.

Until tomorrow…

Bye for now.