Most superheros have a weakness:

  • Superman has Kryptonite.
  • Human Torch has water.
  • Wonderwoman has normal bullets.
  • The Invincible Iron man has martini.
  • Hal Gordon (Green Lantern) has the colour yellow.
  • Martian Manhunter has fire.

And of course, Achilles had his heel.

Mine is my son.

He was up all night coughing and spluttering. Nothing serious, just a cold.

Long story short, when he doesn’t sleep at night, I don’t sleep at night. It’s enough to say we’ve all had a big long hairy lay in bed here at the homestead.

Which means everything’s w–a–y behind schedule.

So here’s a very quick gold nugget for your reading pleasure:

How To Master Any Skill

  1. Stop focusing on the end goal – Sure, you need to start with end in mind, but once you’ve chosen your desired destination, it’s time to focus on the road right in front of you. Break your end goal down into smaller bite-sized chunks and get practicing.
  2. Progress not perfection – Arts like Qigong, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga and so on infinite. There’s always room for progress. That’s why you call it practice. So forget about trying to be perfect and instead concentrate on making progress.
  3. Stop comparing your progress with other people – The only worthwhile competition is with yourself. Use a progress chart to keep tabs on your own progress. Especially in areas you might otherwise miss.
  4. Enjoy your practice – Nuff said

If you want help setting realistic, achievable aims and objectives for your Qigong practice. If you want help with how best to measure your progress then I recommend pages 83 to 89 of my book Smiling From The Heart.

Available here:

Plus I think you’ll find the other 155 pages pretty darn useful too.

Right, I’ve got to try and get this day back on track before it spirals right out of control.

Bye for now