Knock Knock…

“Who’s there?”


“Dr Who?”

Oh yeah, I’m cooking on gas this morning =)

Sorry to hit you with a lame joke first thing on a Monday, but I couldn’t resist.

You know, it completely passed me by the whole new “Dr Who” in the house thing.

It was my nephew who brought me up to speed as we watched Top Gear, which is real entertainment – last night

I’ve been too busy this weekend working on my own destiny to notice.

I’m mastering the art of Google Adwords.

Hold the phone….

What’s ‘Adwords’ got to do with Qigong?

I hear you.

Stick with me and I promise it’ll be worth your while.

If you remember when Tom Baker was the coolest Dr Who on planet earth, you’ll also remember there was a fierce video tape format war going on between Sony’s ‘Betamax’ and JVC’s ‘VHS’.

Remember video tapes?

Now, right or wrong my interpretation of this episode in tech history is that the VHS format won because of better marketing tactics. And the crime is, Betamax had much better resolution and was clearly superior technology.

The point I’m trying to make is that having the best product isn’t enough.

There’s no point having the most simple, direct and powerful Qigong system in the galaxy if nobody knows about it, right?


So after doing my research I dropped $139 to watch a 90 minute video to help me improve my Google Adwords skillz. And if you’re wondering what Adwords is, it’s those pesky little ads that appear at the top and the side of your screen when you search for something in Google.

Nope, I don’t click them either.

But zillions of people do.

Pay attention, because whilst $139 may seem like a lot for a 90 minute online video I actually consider it to quite cheap.


Because I place a very high value on my time.

Sure, I could have wasted many hours filtering through lower priced material, heck, if I’d wasted vast quantities of time, I coulda probably have found something for free.

But my experience over the years with free information is that it’s rarely worth the time it costs you to find out it’s not what you wanted or needed.

I wanted a solution that was:

  • Easy to understand
  • Quick to put into practice
  • Created by someone who knew what they were talking about.

With these criteria in place I soon found what I was looking for.

Now you can bet your last cent that after investing $139 on this puppy I wasn’t gonna let it hang around gathering cyber-dust on my hard drive.

No way.

I locked the doors, took the phone off the hook and asked Clarabella and Ollie not to disturb me.

Even Louis missed out on a walk *shock horror*

And I went to work sucking all the juice out of that 90 minute video and putting it straight to work.

You must realise that when you’ve got some skin in the game Grasshopper, you don’t hang around.

You’re committed.

And when you’re committed you take action…

…and when you take action you get results.

Results, it’s all you should be interested in.

And people who’ve got some skin in the game get better results than those who’re stood on the edge dipping their toe into the water.


It’s why I got rid of my free products.

Not because they weren’t any good, but because I could see the stats. And people simply weren’t following through.

They’d got no skin in the game see?

Now fortunately, I’ve discovered the upfront investment doesn’t have to be as high as $139 to make sure you’ve got someone’s attention. It can actually be significantly lower.

The simple action of asking for an ‘entrance’ fee really separates the Players from the freebie seeking time wasting tire kickers.

So, if you’re a Player, someone who likes to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, and you want to practice Qigong that’s:

  • Easy to understand
  • Quick to put into practice
  • Created by someone who knows what they’re talking about
  • Guaranteed to deliver

And you’re prepared to put a little skin in the game you’re going to love my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course.

You can get started for just $4.95.

Jump in your TARDIS and set your co-oridinates for:

I’ll meet you there.

Bye for now