Here’s an important insight I’d like to share with you today.

Many times when I’m writing a Qigong Daily post I realise how its message relates to so much more than just your Qigong practice.

When I’m writing the first draft I usually write something to the effect of:

“And remember, this post like so many others doesn’t just apply to your Qigong practice, it can be applied to almost any important area of your life.”

Here are some examples from the past few weeks:

Post: Your advantage over other Qigong students.
Non-Qigong message: Clearly knowing why you’re doing something gives you an edge.

Post: Spring cleaning flake filter.
Non-Qigong message: Half assed attempts result in half assed results AND your time is finite, so be careful what you spend it on.

Post: Which type of Qigong student are you?
Non-Qigong message: There are 3 levels of commitment you can bring to any activity. But if you’re serious about getting results… you’d better be fully committed.

Post: Does this sound familiar?
Non-Qigong message: Don’t force yourself to do what you don’t enjoy, unless it’s of vital importance to you.

Post: You don’t often hear this at 04:30 in the morning…
Non-Qigong message: Focus on what you do have instead of what you don’t.

Post: Who gets all of Marcus’s money?
Non-Qigong message: If you want to know what you truly value take a look at your bank account.

You get the idea I’m sure.

Now believe it or not, I endeavour to keep each Qigong Daily post as brief as possible whilst still making a valuable point.

So, when it comes to the 2nd draft I’ll delete the reminder to you about how this post applies to more than just your Qigong.

I delete it because it saves space and I assume that you’ll already know that anyway.

But as that old cliche goes…

Assume = Ass-U-Me = Assuming makes an ass of you and me.

So I’m bringing this: Most Qigong Daily posts apply to more than your Qigong – message out into the open so we need never mention it again.

Simply promise me in future that whilst reading these posts, you’ll ask yourself something like this:

“Hmmm, wonder if I can apply this to other important areas of my life?”

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Right, it’s 7am, time to go make Clarabella her cup of tea in bed. I know, awesome Qigong teacher and brilliant husband. LOL!

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Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back again on Monday.

Kindest regards