“Nolite dare sanctum canibus,
neque mittatis margaritas vestras ante porcos,
ne forte conculcent eas pedibus suis,
et conversi disrumptam vos”

If it wasn’t for my Qigong practice I don’t think I could do these daily posts.

Luckily PERFECT Qigong practice enhances your Shen and the functions of Shen are as follows:

  • Spirit
  • Consciousness
  • Articulate thought
  • Memory
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity

And through the continued practice of Qigong my creativity has definitely improved.

Because Qigong is:

  • Simple
  • Direct
  • Effective

There’s not really that much to say about it, so finding new and entertaining ways to say it can be a challenge =)

Now, most days I write these Qigong Daily posts the same morning you get them. I do this because I like them to be fresh, spontaneous streams of consciousness.

But occasionally my creative juices go into overdrive and ideas just come pouring effortlessly out of my head like a pack of hungry hyena.

When that happens I like to catch them whilst they’re full of zest and get them down onto cyber paper.

All of which means sometimes the post you’re reading was written a day or more ago.

But occasionally something really beautiful happens.

Let me explain:

Every now and then, one of those splendidly energetic ideas I wrestle to the floor turns out to be a gift that just keeps on giving. It’s too big and too important to be stripped down to a few hundred words.

And that’s exactly what happened yesterday.

I was writing the post you should have been reading today. I was graphically demonstrating just how little time you actually have to live a life worth living, to spend hugging your loved ones and watching beautiful sunrises together.

I broke it all down and showed you exactly how much time you get to live a life worth living. The results shocked me. It’s an incredibly powerful message.

And that’s when I realised:

“I’ve got a hot one here!”

And I knew that the information pouring out was far too valuable to simply give away for free, so I apologise but the bottom line is this:

I’m not comfortable sharing it here.

Too often, in the past, I’ve given people a precious gem. But not realising it’s true value they’ve mistaken it for a worthless pretty sparkly thing and cast it aside. Personally as a teacher one of the most upsetting things I experience is sharing hard won wisdom with those who don’t value it.

It’s like giving a pig a raspberry…


I simply won’t do it anymore.

Now, I’m sure you’re different.

But as I’ve said before, this post gets sent out via email each morning to around 1150 people and on a good day only 25% will bother to read it.

So I’m only going to share the precious information I discovered yesterday with my treasured Qigong Inner Circle (QIC) members.

The main subject of the next QIC members letter was going to be a full expose of what Advanced Qigong really is. Virtually everybody has got this subject assbackwards.

But this whole time/life subject is just too big, too important and too valuable to wait. I’ve got to get it to you now.

My hope is that you will take it’s message deep into your heart and that it will encourage you to make just a few simple changes so that you can get a whole pile more time and the health to enjoy it.

It goes to my printer first week of June.

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Have a great weekend.