It’s Ollie’s 11th birthday today.



ollie11We’re off to Bristol’s interactive science museum, followed by a trip to some fancy pants pizza restaurant and we’re staying over night in a hotel.

Not bad.

I’ve even got a Scooby Doo movie all loaded up on the laptop and enough Pringles to make a heard of baby elephants sick =)

Can’t wait.

Ollie’s just finished opening his birthday cards and presents.

And I can hear him playing Plants Vs Zombies 2 on my iPad.

So I’m going to make this Qigong Daily a quick one, then I can go and spend time with me boy =)

Now play along cos I want you to imagine Ollie gives you a strawberry (he’s a generous chap).

You pop it into your mouth and as you start to slowly chew your eyes open wide as you discover it’s so delicious.

You’ve never eaten anything that tasted this good.

In fact, if life were to stop right now…

You’d be satisfied.

Because you feel:

  • Fresh
  • Energised
  • Alert
  • Relaxed
  • Focused

And a deep sense of inner peace

You ask Ollie if you can have another, but he shakes his head and tells you he can do better than that.

He rummages around inside his rucksack…

And pulls out a strawberry plant.

He tells you that if you’ll invest a small amount of time each day in:

  • Feeding it…
  • Watering it…
  • And keeping it free from pests…

You’ll be able to have all the heavenly strawberries you can eat.


If you miss a day of caring, your divine strawberry plant…

  • Will wilt…
  • Be attacked by pests…
  • And if you continue to neglect it…

It will die.

No more delicious, energising, life giving strawberries for you Grasshopper.

I know it’s a silly little story.

But think of it as a simple metaphor for your Qigong practice.

And if you need help looking after it…

Feeding it…

Nurturing it…

Developing and growing it…

Then you’ll benefit from being a member of my Qigong Inner Circle (QIC).

Because as a member you get:

  • A bursting at the seams with Qigong goodness QIC Letter – Delivered to your front door each month.
  • Access to a VIP ‘QIC’ clients only email – Direct access to me so you can ask all your Qigong practice questions.
  • Video critique of your practice.
  • Free Skype access to me – I charge a lot for this service but QIC members get it for free.
  • A free copy of my PERFECT Qigong System book and DVD – It sells for $97 but each new QIC member gets a free copy. To make certain we’re all on the same page when it comes to how we practice Qigong around here.

For more details go to:

Bye for now