I was a bit of a fool at school.

I know, hard to believe huh?

When it came to learning foreign languages I was an arrogant little sod.

Everyone learned French.

And if you were really smart and in the top sets for everything, like me, then you got to do Spanish too.

But being so arrogant my thinking went something like this:

“I speak English, every body speaks English,
so why should I bother to learn French or Spanish?”

So I paid zero attention in classes and instead of learning French and Spanish, I learned how to make owl sounds by blowing between my cupped hands and how to make a water bomb out of a piece of paper.


Later when I went off travelling around the world I was to learn a very painful lesson…

There are lots of people who don’t speak English.


I survived.

But my recent visit to Portugal to teach PERFECT Qigong has really ignited a powerful desire to learn to speak Portugese. I’m like foaming at the mouth to learn it. When I go back to Portugal I want to be able to understand more of what people are saying, I want to be able to join in and be more of a part of things.

I have a BIG why.

My Mo Te Vay Shun is very strong.

And if you’ve been a Qigong Daily subscriber for a while, you’ll know how important having a BIG why is when it comes to succeeding at doing ANYTHING and learning to speak Portugese is no exception.

But this isn’t what I want to share with you today.

Oh no.

Whilst doing my exhaustive research for the best course on learning to speak Portugese I made a very interesting discovery.

I discovered that:

“To understand 95% of a language and become conversational fluent
may require 3 months of applied learning; to reach the 98% threshold
could require 10 years.”
Tim Ferriss

Did you catch that?

I just laid a heavy duty factoid on you and I’m worried you might have missed it.

So let’s look a little closer.

I see it a lot in new Qigong practitioners. I can see it because it was something I suffered from too when I started out on my Qigong adventure.


If I didn’t do something perfect the first or the second time, I concluded I was no good at it and quit.

But like the quote above I eventually realised I don’t need to be 100% at something to gain significant benefits from it.

And the same is true with Qigong.

Qigong can seem like a very complex subject when you’re starting out and in some ways it is. But essentially Qigong is very simple.

So it’s a real shame so many Qigong teachers insist on making it appear so mysterious and complicated.

It isn’t.

Which is why I created my PERFECT Qigong System (PQS) aptly called:

PERFECT Qigong – 7 Simple Steps To A Happier, Healthier And Longer Life

It won’t make you a Qigong master overnight.

But it will show you the quickest way to start gaining the benefits of Qigong.

I took everything I’ve written about Qigong, everything I’ve been taught about Qigong and everything I’ve personally experienced from my own Qigong practice and condensed it down into the PQS.

  • I stripped out everything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.
  • I simplified every step.
  • I focused on making it easy to grasp the 3 core skills of Qigong.

And the result is an 80 page book and a single DVD.

It’s the simplest, step-by-step, crystal clear guide to Qigong. It will quickly show you how to pick up the techniques of a 15 minute Qigong session. Which will enable you to begin developing your mastery of the 3 core skills of Qigong.

And as you know very well by now, it’s the skills of Qigong that give you the benefits of Qigong.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, it’s because I finally got a green light from the printers yesterday confirming delivery 100 copies on Monday 22nd April.

You’re right, it has been a long time.

And when it goes on sale it will cost $97, but if you hang around I’ll show you how you can get a copy for free.

Like I said, the PQS won’t make you a Qigong master, but if you follow its instructions to the best of your ability it will take you 95% of the way there – quickly.

And 95% is more than enough to gain great benefits from Qigong.

Trust me.

Plus, PERFECT Qigong is so much fun to practice, you’ll have the rest of your life to master it.

Stay tuned.

Kindest regards