Clarabella didn’t get much sleep last night.

She’s a big event happening today.

She goes back to college!

Let me explain.

You probably know somebody who is going through something similar, hell it might even be you that’s going through it.

And what’s the ‘it’ I’m referring to?

Finding new employment.

Well it ain’t all that easy right now.

Jobs Clarabella would have walked into a few years ago are now being taken by people who once upon a time wouldn’t have looked twice at them.

But Clarabella’s a fighter and instead of sitting on her pretty behind and moaning about the situation…

She’s doing something about it.

This time round she’s going back to college for 12 weeks to get a qualification in business and administration.

But what makes me so proud of her is that she’s a tree so this kind of action doesn’t come easy to her.

What do I mean by a tree?

Well she likes to put deep roots down.

She’s not very flexible when it comes to change.

And she’s not a fan of doing new things.

She likes solidity and security.

So it’s a really big deal for her to be doing this course.

It’s taking her w–a–y outside of her comfort zone.

Hence the sleepless night last night.


I’m a butterfly.

I’m always moving from one pretty flower that interests me to the next.

I find it hard to stay put for more than a few seconds.

Always ready to float around and check out new things.

I do courses more often than some people change their clothes =)

Now whether you’re a Tree or a Butterfly, there’s a message in this Qigong Daily you need to take to heart and it’s this:

Growth is rarely comfortable or linear.

You know those things you want for you and your family?

Well if you don’t have them yet, it’s fair to say they lay outside of your current comfort zone.

And moving outside of your comfort zone is rarely comfortable.

When you start learning new stuff and developing skills, your progress is rarely linear.

In fact what usually happens is after a flying start it looks like you’re getting worse, not better. You start making more mistakes than ever and your progress seems to have come to a grinding halt, this is known as reaching a plateau and I’ve written extensively about them in the past.

Whether you’re a Tree, a Butterfly or something else – if you’re facing challenging times right now I’m confident you’ll find comfort from one or more of the 29 tools in my book Smiling From The Heart.

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Bye for now