I’ve been playing a lot of Lego Star Wars with Ollie these last few weeks.

And I was reminded of a Star Wars video game I used to play many years ago down the amusement arcade on Dawlish seafront.

At one point in the game, you’d hear Obi-Wan-Kenobi’s (Alec Guiness) voice encouraging you to:

“Use the force Luke, let go…”

Rumour amongst the young gaming community in Dawlish had it that if you didn’t move the joystick for 5 seconds you’d get a humongous bonus added to your score.

I never made it work, I just ended up with Darth Vadar blowing me out of the sky in his TIE/x1 fighter and and the video game asking me if I wanted to play again.

Simpler times.

Of course these days, the words: “Let go…” always remind me of Energy Flow.

It’s the 2nd ‘E’ in PERFECT.

As my Qigong Inner Circle early birds (QICEB) will know, I’ve been busy working on the PERFECT Qigong System for a while now.

Thanks to their help I’ve managed to get the first draft of the book completed. And believe me, with 3 books under my belt, the first draft is always the hardest one.

It’s so much easier to correct than it is to create.

And those wonderful QICEB’s also read the first draft and gave me solid feedback on bits I’d missed, bit’s I’d messed up and bits I’d got right.

This second draft was sent off to my editor on Friday.

So that’s the written side of things well and truly on the way to completion.

Now I need to focus on getting the DVD’s completed.

The DVD will have all the audio visual tuition on.

You know, Video, Mp3 and Pdf all that kinda stuff on it.

At the moment that’s about 51 minutes of video, several Pdf’s and an Mp3.

But I haven’t finished yet, so it’ll probably be a lot more by the time I’m done.

This project, working title: The PERFECT Qigong System, is my attempt to make it as easy as possible for people to learn authentic Qigong if they don’t have access to a good teacher.

I’ve taken all of the material from my first two books

  • Stripped out the non-essential.
  • Increased clarity where necessary.

And created the definitive guide to practicing PERFECT Qigong.

It will deliberately be a short book, weighing in at around 70 pages as it only contains essentials. The data DVD material will back up the content in the book.

Cos I don’t know about you young grasshopper, but only having written instructions to learn Qigong from makes my head spin.

I’m planning to sell the Perfect Qigong System for around $100, maybe more. But if you stick around for a few weeks, I’ll reveal how you can get it for free.

Oh yeah, you heard me right =)

I’ve got big plans for Perfect Qigong.

The Perfect Qigong System only comes with one Qigong exercise in it: Lifting The Sky.

But when the system goes live, readers will be able to download all the Qigong exercises they want from the Perfect Qigong website.

That’s perhaps the most powerful aspect of PERFECT.

The only part that changes is the ‘F’ – Form part.

P, E, R, E,C,T – stay the same.

So instead of overloading readers with loads of Qigong exercises, they can learn one of the best. Then if they later decide they want to learn more, they can pick and choose and download written and video tuition on the Form of their choice.

Anyway, all that’s off in the future.

For now, if you’d like to take a look at the 2nd draft I sent off to my editor on Friday, you’ll find a copy here:


Note : don’t worry about the picture quality, in order to make the file smaller I had to reduce all pictures from 300 dpi to 72 dpi otherwise you’d have to wait ages for it to download.

See, I’m always thinking of ways to make your life better!

Bye for now

Marcus =)