I like to read all of my Qigong Daily emails out loud to Clarabella before sending them.

It helps me to spot places where the words don’t run smoothly.

When I read today’s email out to her, her reply was:

“Oooh, that’s a bit sharp…”

So if you’re easily offended, best not read any further, but if you like a reality check every now and then…

Please proceed…

So I got this great email from my friend and strength expert Elliott Hulse.

It went like this:


“If you want to know what a person truly values
look at their bank account.

Where they spend their money is the most telling indication
of what they value.

They might say they value health, but refuse to spend a few
extra dollars for locally grown foods.

They might say they value education,
but would rather blow their cash on dinner and entertainment
rather than investing in books and courses.

Most of what people SAY is bullshit.

It’s what people DO,
especially with their money that counts.”


Pretty hard hitting huh?

But I believe he’s right.

So If you’re feeling daring, let’s go take a look at last months bank statement and see where our money goes.

I’ve got my statement details open here online and I’ll wait whilst you get your paper copy or details online too.


Okay, let’s go.

Ignore all those monthly non-negotiable expenditures we both have. If you want a roof over your head there’s nothing you can do about those.

Let’s focus on all that other stuff.

How’s it looking?

Most of my disposable income goes on good food, books (on Qigong, nutrition and callisthenics) and tools to help me improve my business skills.

But I ain’t perfect, I spent quite a lot on comics too.

Where did your money go?

You know it cracks me up, because I’ll frequently get emails from people telling me how committed to Qigong they are, but they can’t afford to buy my books and courses.

However, I’d be prepared to wager most of them have got the most up-to-date smartphones, i-This, i-That, and wear branded clothes.

Their money goes on what they really value.

And that’s fine as long as they’re not trying to kid me that they value their health and well-being.

On average it cost me about $2500 to fly out to Malaysia and do a 3 day Qigong course and I did it so many times I’ve lost count.


Because I place a high value on living a happy, healthy and long life and being able to help others to do the same.

If I want to know the truth about what you value all I need to do is take a quick look at this months bank statement and it’ll tell me everything.

So where does your money go?

And does it match up with what you say you value?

Something to think about.

Bye for now