The Saturday Quote:

“To me, the smell of fresh made coffee
is one of the greatest inventions.”
Hugh Jackman

Tis a funny thing.

I used to hate coffee.

Now I love it.

Who says change is a bad thing?

Anyway, I was sat in a meeting last night and feeling a little bored to be honest. And my mind drifted to the lovely smell wafting up from the hot mug of coffee I was caressing between my hands.

And boom!

Another ZEN+ Daily post in the bag =)

Let me explain…

In my humble, yet accurate, opinion Starbucks Via Italian coffee is the best coffee you can get at home* I’ve played with Aeropress and French presses, but the stuff in the Starbucks tin is quick, simple, reliable and tasty.

Moving on.

Earlier in the week Clarabella had made me a cup.

The system is so easy, simply measure out a level scoop (scoop provided) into a cup and add just off the boil water.

Like I said – simple.

Once it had cooled enough to drink I took a sip and thought: Yack!

I asked Clarabella what she’d done and she explained that having taken the last scoop out of the tin, there was still some coffee left. Not enough for a full scoop, so she’d emptied it out into my cup.

Her reasoning being: More = More Better

And that’s the connection my dear ZEN Beast.

A lot of people are still making this: More = More Better mistake when it comes to their Qigong practice.

On the surface it seems to make sense.

I mean come on…

15 minutes practice once or twice a day is hardly a big ask. Especially when you get so much back in return. So why wouldn’t 30 minutes or heck even an hour give even more benefits?

Because this is Qigong your practicing.

Real Qigong.

And real Qigong gives you optimum results in only 15 minutes of practice.

Not 30 or 60 minutes.

Just like Starbucks Via Italian gives the best coffee with one scoop.

Not 1.5 or 2 scoops.

So next time you’re tempted to deliberately extend your Qigong practice remember this…

When you practice authentic Qigong – the way I teach it – 15 minutes will give you the best results.

How lucky are you?

Most Qigong players have to practice much longer and get less benefits.

If you’re not a PERFECT Qigong player, and value your time, you should check this out.

Bye for now


* For coffee lovers…

These are my findings so far from my brief relationship with coffee:

Best coffee shop in the USA: Lost Dog Coffee Fine Arts Drink Emporium – Shepherdstown
Best cup of coffee in Devon: The Beachcomber – Teignmouth sea front
Best ground coffee: Deans Beans – Huge thanks to Kim for giving me a big bag =)
Best instant coffee ever: Starbucks Via Italian