Ollie’s got 3 weeks of ‘Big School’ under his belt now.

And it’s been a real eye opener listening to him talk about what he’s learning.

He’s started getting homework too, which is fun.

I do maths and science with him, Clarabella takes English and French and pretty much everything else =)

But, you wanna know what’s more interesting than what he’s learning?

It’s how he’s learning.

Now I’d expected him to come home with a big book for maths, another for English, definitely a huge book for science and smaller books for each of the other subjects he’s studying.

Each book would have a years worth of content.

And if the teachers were really forward thinking they’d throw in a DVD or two too.

And then they’d tell their students:

“Right here’s all the material we’re covering, I’ll see you again at the end of the year for a test.”

Now you might consider me crazy to think Ollie’s teachers would just give him a mountain of information and then leave him to it.

But isn’t that how well meaning Qigong teachers expect you to learn?

They regurgitate everything they know, convert it into some product and then stick it on the Internet to sell to you. Their attitude is:

“Give me your money and off you go”

There are two real bad problems with learning Qigong this way:

1) Too much information is overwhelming – The last thing you need is even more information to add to the huge pile of information you’ve already got.

Most of which you’ve probably done nothing with other than give it a quick flick through.

Look I hate to have to break it to you but knowledge isn’t power.

Information is available everywhere today, thanks mainly to the Internet.

And most of it i’s free.

No, acquiring more information, more forms, more theory won’t improve your Qigong one little bit.

Today, it’s APPLIED knowledge that gives you power.

Which leads nicely into the second problem you encounter with most methods for learning Qigong online

2) No clear action plan

Most Qigong teachers selling material online know the power of the…

Big Box of Stufff‘.

Where you give your customer a huge virtual box of information to drool over. Trouble is most of it is useless filler. Like wheat flour, rusk and corn starch shoved into sausages instead of real meat.

Not to mention how badly organised it is:

  • There’s no clear structure or road map to guide you on your learning journey. So it’s easy to get lost, frustrated and in the end you have to give up.
  • You have to make quantum leaps in your understanding in order to master the material.

That’s where my Qigong Secrets Home Study Course (QSHSC) is very different.

You see I hate the ‘Overload em and leave em to it‘ method of teaching.

Which is why instead of a massive information dump with no clear instructions on how to use what you’re learning, when you become a member of the QSHSC you get:

  • One lesson a week – With clear written notes and where necessary, to make life easier for you, you’ll also get access to videos, sound recordings and supplementary written material.
  • A clear action plan – At the end of each lesson you get a list of clearly defined steps to take to help you absorb the content of that lesson.

Invest 2-3 hours a week in each lesson and by the end of the course you’ll be able to practice authentic Qigong at a level most Qigong students will never reach.

When you work through the QSHSC you get the information you actually need and a clear action plan.

Sure, you’re still going to have to put in some effort.

You can’t gain the skills of Qigong by osmosis.

Reading, watching and listening to the material alone won’t do you much good.

So if you’re ready to roll your sleeves up and really start mastering Qigong head over here:


And you can take a 2 lesson test-drive of the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course for a ridiculously low $4.95.

Can’t say no fairer than that.

Have a great weekend.


P.S. Nearly forgot to mention.

Unlike every other teacher I’ve come across offering Qigong online, when you become a member of the QSHSC, you get a special email address that will allow you to write to me and ask your questions about the material – direct.

And if you follow the weekly action plan at the end of each lesson you will have questions…

Guess what?

With over 10 years teaching authentic Qigong, I’ve got answers =)

Your 2 lesson taster starts here: